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Think pink with these job site-ready iPhone 5 accessories from Incipio and Stanley

pink hard hat toolbelt

What happens when a mobile accessories maker and a tool manufacturer get together? In the case of Incipio and Stanley, the result is super-rugged and protective iPhone 5 accessories.

Not too long ago on Pure Mobile's American blog, we reviewed Incipio's job site-ready line of Stanley cases, which act more or less like a hard hat for your iPhone 5. But what if your hard hat's pink? No problem, because all of the carrying cases in the Stanley line are available in pink too.

Incipio Stanley Foreman Case iPhone 5 Pink Black Incipio Stanley Foreman Case for iPhone 5 in Pink and Black


Of course, the only thing different here is the color, and you can still expect just the right level of protection for the job at hand – from the slim Foreman case, built from  reinforced glass nylon and backed with textured grip, to the heavy-duty Dozer case, which offers multi-layer protection and port seals for protection from splashes and dirt.

Incipio Stanley Technician Case iPhone 5 pink black Incipio Stanley Technician Case for iPhone 5 in Pink and Black


Whatever your daily grind looks like, there's a Stanley case that can stand up to it. So you can simply get to work without worrying about your iPhone. That's because different models are designed with specific jobs in mind.

The Highwire, for instance, is probably the first iPhone 5 accessory we've seen that's tailored for people who work at heights, as it's especially protective against drops and shocks. Meanwhile, the Technician is slim and easy to carry with reinforced corners, perfect for normal job site tasks.

Incipio Stanley Dozer case iPhone 5 Pink Black Incipio Stanley Dozer Case for iPhone 5 in Pink and Black


Incipio's Stanley collection is so thorough and offers so many options and levels of protection that we'd consider these carrying cases as the best iPhone 5 accessories for people in the trades.

Incipio Stanley Highwire Case iPhone 5 Pink Grey Incipio Stanley Highwire Case for iPhone 5 in Pink and Grey


And it's extra nice that Incipio's made their heavy-duty Stanley iPhone 5 cases available in pink as well as in their standard black or grey and yellow. Because anyone who's been on a job site recently knows that the number of pink hard hats is only growing.

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