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Samsung Galaxy S4's first official teaser video: where's the phone?

Samsung Galaxy S 4 unveiling event

Samsung's certainly keeping very secretive about the soon to be unveiled Galaxy S4. The sequel to the massively popular Galaxy S3 is set to be unveiled in just 10 days, on March 14.

And even though the company has just put out their first official teaser video titled 'Unpacked,' which is coincidentally the same name as their event, they've still left more or less everything to the imagination.

The video, which you can watch below serves to build anticipation rather than give anything away. The star character, a little boy who acts as the "secret messenger" for the Samsung Galaxy S4, is shown a glimpse of the new device and is blown away. However, the viewer never gets so much as a peek.

It's a teaser in the strictest sense of the word. But if you absolutely have to know more about the forthcoming Galaxy S4, a recent leak may provide a clue.

Business Insider reported last week on some leaked images of what are supposedly Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. The pictures, which originally came from MobileFun seem to indicate the dimensions of the latest Galaxy phone. If they are indeed to be trusted, the Galaxy S4 will be bigger than the S3, with a 5-inch screen size.

samsung_galaxy_S4_leak_cases Leaked picture of what may be carrying cases for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4


Otherwise, as SlashGear noted "there’s the usual Samsung layout of a headphone jack up top, lock and volume keys on the side, and a charging/syncing port on the bottom, presumably microUSB. A hole for the microphone is alongside it."

In the past, third party cell phone accessories have indeed provided advance insight into yet to be revealed devices. But such leaks have been wrong as often as right.

So even though these images may in fact be real Galaxy S4 carrying cases, we wouldn't read too much into that. Regardless, there's less than two weeks to go before we get the official unveiling from Samsung, complete with all the juicy details. So best to wait it out.

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