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Retro games coming to latest PureGear iPhone 5 cases

PureGear_Retro_Game_Cases iPhone

We already know and love PureGear for the great quality of its gadgets and accessories, but even more so for its fun and playful aesthetic. Fun is something of a signature for this accessories maker, and it look as though PureGear's upping the ante with soon to be released series of iPhone cases that are also retro games.

If you were born before the 90s, you'll probably remember a time when the only kind of hand-held amusement available had nothing to do with video games. Ok, so there was Game Boy, but most of us can distinctly recall those little plastic ball mazes too.

And PureGear's upcoming retro game cases for iPhone 5 will have you welling up with nostalgia and longing for those simpler times, when a dinky plastic toy made you feel like you had a pocket arcade.

Due "in early spring," these carrying cases are certainly a couple notches up for PureGear. However, they're pretty characteristic of this accessories maker, which has always tended towards bright, colorful and fun designs.

PureGear SLim Shell iPhone 5 Case Collection PureGear's Slim Shell iPhone 5 Case Collection in a range of bright, funky colors

Their Slim Shell cases for iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are distinctly bright and cheerful, often with eye-popping color combos made all the more punchy by a high-gloss finish. And with the new retro-inspired PureGear iPhone 5 cases, the company certainly looks poised to nab the title of most fun accessories maker. We can't wait to get our hands on one.

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