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Pure Mobile accessory of the week: New accessories for BlackBerry Z10 from iSkin

iSkin Vibes Case BlackBerry Z10 Black Purple

There's really only one thing to say about today's mobile accessory of the week: "Oh, come here you sexy thing!" As we promised a couple of weeks back, Pure Mobile has been putting together a pretty extensive list of new accessories for BlackBerry's Z10 all touch phone. And topping that list is this gorgeous Vibes carrying case from iSkin.

In the past, BlackBerry accessories weren't necessarily so prized for being sleek or slim, since older BlackBerry models like the Bold and the Curve weren't exactly that compact themselves. But with BlackBerry's latest, we're happy to see that iSkin has put out a design that seems to mesh so well with the sexy, minimalist form of the new Z10.

iSkin Vibes CAse for BlackBerry z10 black and Pink iSkin's Vibes Cases for BlackBerry Z10 in Pink and Black

Like previous incarnations of the Vibes case, the model for BlackBerry Z10 is made of a nice, luminous thermopolymer with a high-gloss finish and a soft texture that feels good in hand. Don't worry though, because that high shine won't interfere with your pictures, since iSkin has integrated an anti-glare flash ring in the camera cutout, for beautiful pictures every time.

But that's just one of the thoughtful details of this seriously beautiful carrying case. The iSkin Vibes case features a subtle but attractive textured back, so you get the grip you need. Meanwhile, the jelly-soft material is anti-microbial, so your hot new BlackBerry stays clean and odor-free.

We're also loving the color choice for the Z10 Vibes line, with your expected basic black as well as some really vibrant and rich shades, like hot pink, regal purple, and a fresh aqua blue.

iSkin Vibes Case for BlackBerry Z10 Black and Blue iSkin's Vibes Cases for blackBerry Z10 in Black and Blue

And iSkin's pricepoint is pretty competitive here, with the Vibes case coming in around the $40 mark. Actually, we're carrying it in black for even less, if you're looking for a cheap deal.

In terms of ease of use, functionality, protection, price range, and especially looks, iSkin's Vibes line has set the bar high for forthcoming BlackBerry Z10 carrying cases. Though as more and more Z10 accessories arrive at Pure mobile, we'll be keeping you posted to see how well they measure up.

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