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Pure Mobile accessory of the week: Incipio Stashback iPhone 5 case

Incipio Stashback iPhone 5 case

Ever since its release, we've been focusing pretty closely on iPhone 5 accessories on the Pure Mobile blog. But with today's accessory of the week, we're narrowing things down even further, with a closer look at one of the most practical accessory trends out there — wallet cases. And at the center of that today is the latest such accessory from Incipio, the Stashback iPhone 5 Case.

Now, there are a few ways to go about designing a wallet-style iPhone 5 case. Most common is a folio, with a cover that opens to reveal interior compartments or slots for cards and cash.

But for those who prefer a more traditional style of iphone 5 accessory, yet still want a handy way to consolidate phone, cash and cards, Incipio's Stashback offers up a great new way to get the best of both worlds.

Incipio Stashback iPhone 5 Case Features

Designed as a classic hard-shell carrying case, the Stashback features an exterior compartment that conveniently flips open for storing or retrieving cash cards and more.

And though that puts the Stashback squarely within the category of wallet-style iPhone 5 accessories, Incipio has made extra effort to to make the Stashback a great carrying case in its own right.

Combining a rigid Plextonium frame with a semi-rigid NGP soft shell core, the Stashback is specifically designed to resist impact, shocks, jolts, vibrations and drops.  That alone makes for a pretty rugged iPhone 5 case.

Incipio Stashback iPhone 5 Case in Pink Grey Incipio Stashback iPhone 5 Case in Pink and Gray


But add that to the convenience of integrating a wallet right into your phone case, and you've got a winning iPhone 5 accessory on your hands. To be sure, we can usually count on Incipio to offer up a great product, in terms of both protection and functionality. And the company certainly lives up to its own standards with the Stashback iPhone 5 case.


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