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Pure mobile accessory of the week: iLuv's iPad keyboard-case combo is best of both worlds

iLuv Folio Jacket Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 3 iLuv Folio Jacket with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 3


We remember when the first iPad came out. A lot of naysayers out there were calling it a mere toy, not something you could ever do real work on. But lots of iPad accessories out there, like today's mobile accessory of the week, show just how much things have changed. So let's take a closer look at iLuv's Folio Jacket with Bluetooth Keyboard.

This leather-like, folio-style iPad carrying case gives you the best of both worlds, with a removable bluetooth keyboard and integrated kickstand that essentially turn your iPad 3 into a working laptop.

This multifaceted carrying case for iPad 3 stands out from other iPad covers as more of a complete professional workstation rather than just a protective cover. However, you can always remove the Bluetooth keyboard when it's not needed, for a slimmer, more lightweight traveling case.

The Bluetooth keyboard itself is ridiculously simple to pair with your iPad 3, and boasts a long battery life, so you don't have to worry about it dying on you when you're out and about.

And if we were to review this iPad accessory just in terms of cases, iLuv's iPad keyboard-case combo has everything we'd expect and more – a sleek and sophisticated look, totally unhindered access to ports and controls, protection on all sides, and easy portability.

Overall, iLuv's Folio Jacket with Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect iPad accessory for the user who loves their tablet but sometimes needs the functionality of a laptop keyboard. No more switching devices!