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Pure Mobile accessory of the week: Griffin Survivor Case for iPhone 5

Griffin Survivor iPhone 5 Colour Collection 2

It came as a shock to us that we havdn't featured today's mobile accessory of the week sooner. Griffin's Survivor case is really an accessory that needs no introduction, but the fact that it's finally put out an accessory for iPhone 5 is worth mentioning.

There are a number of reasons we love the Survivor. A rough-and-tumble case designed to take on whatever you throw out it without so much as batting a proverbial eyelash, it's among the best iPhone accessories on the market.

Griffin GB35681 Survivor iPhone 5 Black:Green Griffin Survivor Carrying Case for iPhone 5 in Black and Green


With a huge selection of colors (we carry orange, purple, blue, red, olive green and classic black, to name but a few) Griffin's toughest iPhone 5 carrying case is about more than just looks.

Griffin GB35682 Survivor iPhone 5 Black/Red Griffin Survivor Carrying Case for iPhone 5 in Black and Red


Built to military-grade specifications, the Survivor provides protection from shocks and drops (yeah, it can survive a flat drop of 6' onto concrete). But it also features sealed ports that protect against sand, grit, water, and other debris, though these ports are easily opened when you want access to them.

Griffin Survivor Case iPhone 5 Olive Green Griffin Survivor Carrying Case for iPhone 5 in Olive Green: Camera Detail


Then there's convenient features for outdoorsy types and people on the go, like the holster, which keeps your iPhone sturdily in place when you're on the move. And all the while, you have regular access to all your phone's features, controls and ports.

Griffin GB35687 Survivor iPhone 5 Black/Blue Griffin Survivor Carrying Case for iPhone 5 in Black and Blue


To be sure, Griffin's Survivor Case isn't the cheapest iPhone 5 case on the market. But for the thought, attention, and quality that's gone into this top-of-the line accessory, it's well worth it for anyone who doesn't live in a sterile, accident-free bubble. And that's what makes it our mobile accessory of the week.

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