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New Galaxy S4 accessories trend: integrated stand cases

PureGear Folio Kickstand Galaxy S4 Case in Black PureGear Folio Kickstand Galaxy S4 Case in Black


With the release of a huge selection of Galaxy S4 accessories from practically every name in the mobile accessories business, there are bound to be a couple of trends. And the latest is something that has nothing to do with color or looks but rather with pulling double-duty.

One trend that we at Pure Mobile have been seeing more and more of late is Galaxy S4 cases with built-in stands. Integrating a viewing stand into your Galaxy S4 case just makes sense, since one of the draws of Samsung's latest and greatest phone is its impressive screen size and ultra clear resolution – users are bound to want to use it for viewing pictures and video.

A couple of brands that are getting in on what's one the best new Galaxy S4 accessories trends are PureGear and iLuv. Unsurprisingly, both these companies have a pretty strong rap sheet of coming out with slickly designed cases that are at once clever and practical, as well as simple and attractive.

Puregear's Folio Kickstand Galaxy S4 case features slots for cards and cash Puregear's Folio Kickstand Galaxy S4 case features slots for cards and cash


For PureGear the built-in stand idea comes in with their Folio Kickstand Galaxy S4 Case. Its cover does double duty, protecting your screen when its closed and flipping back to convert into an instant and easy viewing stand.

Oh, and did we mention that the interior of the flip cover also has slots for cards and cash? So this Galaxy S4 case actually ulls triple duty, as a carrying case, a viewing stand and a wallet. Not bad for a super thin and sophisticated-looking case, huh?

iLuv Bolster Galaxy S4 Case in Black The iLuv Bolster Galaxy S4 Case easily converts its flip cover into a viewing stand


Then there's iLuv's stab at the latest Galaxy S4 accessories trend – the Bolster Galaxy S4 case. This folio-style carrying case combines a durable hard-shell backing with a flexible soft cover that folds back and fits into several ridges in the back to instantly convert into a viewing stand.

Though it doesn't boast wallet-style card slots, this iLuv Galaxy S4 case does offer something unique – unlike most carrying cases with covers, this one's actually designed so you can talk with the cover closed. Pretty neat stuff.

We at Pure Mobiel are all for trends that simply make a phone look good. But we're even more interested in design trends that actually serve a practical purpose. And we can't think of anything more efficient than this latest slew of cool Galaxy S4 accessories that combine the protection of a carrying case with the utility of a viewing stand. Well done!

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