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New Bluetooth headphones for iPhone and more aim for tangle-free listening

elroy kickstarter bluetooth earbuds headphones iPhone Android


Though both bluetooth headsets and wireless headphones for iPhone and Android already exist in many shapes and forms, a new Kickstarter project draws on the best of both in a smartphone accessory for active and connected types.

Elroy is an earbud-style set of bluetooth headphones that also acts as a headset for multiple devices, compatible with iPhone and iPad, Android phones like the Galaxy S3, or any other device that supports Bluetooth.

Of course, Big brands like Beats by Dre already make wireless, bluetooth-enabled headphones, but they're often the over-ear style, which isn't always practical – think yoga class. And they don't always come equipped with a mic or remote.

And earbuds that do feature microphones and remotes to answer calls usually have a full length of wire which can get tangled and be impractical. Likewise, most Bluetooth headsets aren't really designed for listening to music.

But Elroy's design addresses all those things. Since the lower two thirds of a typical earbud wire have been removed, they're tangle free, which is safer and easier for exercise. Meanwhile, that lower wire section is replaced with a clip-on Bluetooth unit equipped with magnetic docking ports for both earbuds.

Those docking ports also act as a remote, allowing you to answer a call by picking up one of the earbuds, or end a call by putting it back it in its port. That means these headphones essentially take over the job of a Bluetooth headset. Plus, you can automatically pause music when you put the earbuds in their ports, or control your music remotely when your phone is docked into a stereo system.

What's also really nice about this design is that the Elroy earbuds are equipped with Multipoint and can serve up to seven different devices at a time:

"Watching a movie on your iPad when a phone call comes in on your iPhone?  No problem. Just click and answer.  Maybe you have to carry two phones, one for yourself and one for work.  No problem.  Elroy is connected to both at the same time ready to take a call."

The fact that Elroy has managed to exceed its $30,000 Kickstarter goal is a testament to just how cool this fun little gadget is shaping up to be. And when it finally does launch, it's set to be among the best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone, or any device, on the market.

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