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His and hers: Incase's Nylon Sling Sleeve Laptop Bags for MacBook

Incase CL57828 Sling Sleeve MacBook Air 11 Bag Black Incase Nylon Sling Sleeve Laptop Bag for MacBook Air 11 in Black


What's nice about mobile accessories maker Incase is that they pay attention to the little things. Case in point, with their Nylon Sling Sleeve line for MacBook, they're one of the few companies that realizes that sometimes guys and girls want something different out of a laptop bag.

Sure, we both want attractive and practical protection from our Macbook accessories, but we don't always see eye to eye when it comes to defining what attractive means. Thankfully, their top-quality MacBook bags come in colors that are appealing and appropriate for men, women or both.

Incase Nylon Sling Sleeve MacBook Pro 15 in Fuschia Incase Nylon Sling Sleeve Laptop Bag for MacBook Pro 15 in Fuschia


WIth his and hers color options like black, grey and fuschia, guys and girls can get the look they want with all the storage, protection and logical practicality that Incase's MacBook accessories are known for.

Of course, some dudes will be daring enough to go for a hot pink laptop bag, and lots of women will prefer black or grey to fuschia, but choices are nice.

Aside from color options though, there are other reasons why the messenger-style Sling Sleeve collection makes the list of must have Macbook Accessories. Of course, Incase has included models that are laptop-specific for both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, as well as a basic model that works for either.

Incase Nylon Sling Sleeve for MacBook in Grey Incase Nylon Sling Sleeve Laptop Bag for MacBook in Grey


Then, there's the versatility of the removable padded strap, which lets you carry this laptop bag either as a briefcase or as a messenger. Also, the handles are concealable, for a sleek and streamlined look when they're not in use. And the Sling Sleeve's nylon outer is water-resistant to boot.

But as with the best laptop bags, it's what's on the inside that counts with the Sling Sleeve. Your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro will be well-protected, with a cushioned interior compartment lined with plush faux-fur.

And logical, well thought out storage will keep you organized, with exterior magazine pocket with velcro closure as well as two zippered exterior pockets for accessories and whatever else you need to stash.

The Nylon Sling Sleeve series represents the quality, clever design, and attention to detail we've come to expect from Incase. And we'd have to recommend it as among the best Macbook accessories for both men and women.

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