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Battle of the BlackBerry accessories: Z10 cases face off

Blackberry_Flip_Shell_Case_Collection BlackBerry_z10 Blackberry Flip Shell Case Collection for BlackBerry Z10


In the spirit of competition, we're starting a new feature on the Pure Mobile blog with light-hearted battles that pit two similar mobile accessories against one another. And we're starting things off with a hed-to-head between some fun new gadgets for BlackBerry Z10.

With these newly arrived BlackBerry cases, both contenders are strong, stylish and ready for the face-off. But there can be only winner. So let's meet our challengers!

In one corner, we've got the BlackBerry Flip Shell Case for Z10. In gorgeous fighting form, this slim, professional case scores high in the looks department, with a luxurious genuine leather outer overlaid on a durable polycarbonate frame.

Available in red white and black, the Flip Shell case gives you quick access to your BlackBerry when you flip it open

BlackBerry ACC49284102 Flip Shell case for BlackBerry Z10 in White BlackBerry Flip Shell case for BlackBerry Z10 in White


Now for the challenger. the BlackBerry Transform Hardshell Case for BlackBerry Z10 is a cleverly-conceived accessory that combines the protection of a carrying case with viewing ease of a desktop stand, all in one fun gadget. And to top it off, it also comes with a screen protector.

With a hinged center, this BlackBerry case easily transforms into its own phone stand for quick and convenient viewing wherever and whenever. Available in red, black and white, this ultra-thin and lightweight case is the ideal accessory for video junkies.

blackberry-transform-hardshell-case_collection for blackberry_z10 Blackberry Transform Hardshell Case Collection for Blackberry Z10


But now it's time to pick a winner. We've got to admit that both these accessories have their own strengths and either could easily take the title home.

If you're into super-sleek looks and design with luxurious touches, like leather, you'll probably opt for the BlackBerry FLip Shell Case. It's suave, it's professional and it looks like a million bucks, even if you do have to open it entirely to access your phone.

But nonetheless, we're going to have to go with practicality on this one. And with the BlackBerry Transform Hadshell Case's easy conversion into a desktop stand, we're going to declare it the winner of this bout. Congrats!

Stay tuned for more accessories battles on the Pure Mobile blog!

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