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5 shades of grey: Our Top 5 grey iPhone 5 accessories

Like everyone else in the universe, we can't help but be bombarded with the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. And whether you're a fan or not, you'll probably agree that grey is a totally underrated color, especially when it comes to mobile accessories. So we've assembled a list of our top 5 iPhone 5 accessories in literature's sexiest color du jour.

From tough protection from Griffin and Incipio, to stylish patterns and motifs from iSkin, the carrying cases in our top 5 list are an homage to just how hot grey can be.

1. Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5 in Grey

Griffin GB35675 Protector iPhone 5 Grey Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5 in Grey


Griffin's Protector case is among the top-selling cases not just for iPhone 5 but for all sorts of handsets. That's because, even though it's slim and won't add much bulk to your phone, it's a heavy-duty armored case offering great protection for such a slim accessory.

2. iSkin Vibes Polka dot Case for iPhone 5

iSkin VBPKD5BR4 Vibes Polka Dot iPhone 5 Brown iSkin Vibes Polka Dot Case for iPhone 5


Playful as ever, iSkin's Vibes Polka Dot case bears the company's signature of funky motifs. This is probably some of the most fun anyone's ever had with the color grey. And it's a great way to get a little playful with your iPhone 5 accessories without all sorts of clownish color.

3. Incipio Dual Pro Shine Case for iPhone 5

Incipio IPH876 Dual Pro Shine iPhone 5 Silver/GY Incipio Dual Pro Shine Case for iPhone 5 in Silver and Grey


With its sleek metallic backing, this silver and grey carrying case form Incipio features two layers of protection, for both scratch resistance and shock absorption. Meanwhile, the silver outer gives the whole thing a really sleek and modern look, perfect for the urban professional.

4. iSkin Vibes Swirld Case for iPhone 5 in Grey


iSkin SWIPH5GY2 Vibes Swirl iPhone 5 Grey iSkin Vibes Swirl Case for iPhone 5 in Grey


With its intricate curling line motif, the iSkin Vibes Swirl case for iPhone 5 recalls plumes of smoke, for a subtly playful look. Another nice touch? Even though it's patterned, the high-shine surface of the backing still comes through on this smoky grey accessory.

5. Incipio Stanley Foreman Case for iPhone 5

Incipio STLY020 Stanley Foreman iPhone 5 Dark GY Incipio Stanley Foreman Case for iPhone 5 in Dark Grey


Designed in collaboration with tool-maker Stanley, this iPhone 5 carrying case from Incipio is built tough enough even for people with rough-and-tumble jobs. Slimmer and sleeker than some of the other cases in Incipio's Stanley line, the Foreman is nonetheless a super resilient case, with enhanced grip on its backing and great protection from bumps, shocks and drops.

So maybe our list doesn't quite cover 50 shades of grey. But for anyone who cares more about mobile technology than romance novels, our top 5 iPhone 5 accessories probably offer more excitement than your average pulp fiction paragraph. Even in a color as under-appreciated as grey, we'll take top-notch carrying cases over cheap  steamy lit any day.

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