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WIND Offers Users a Free Data Stick

WIND Mobile

WIND has been giving away free prizes all weekend long, but their newest prize is probably one that customers will be really excited about. They have a number of promos that they have been providing to existing customers including a new data stick. This is a stick that can hold quite a bit of data, which should make this giveaway interesting to a large number of their users.

In order to get in on the deal you have to have already purchased a unlocked cell phone along with a data stick that comes with the monthly fee of $25. You can then activate the stick for the $29 per month, which is obviously one of their packages that the company is looking to push. This will allow for their users to save as much as $80 in all. This will be available at all of their locations across the country.

The company made their announcement over Facebook, where they detailed who was active for the brand new free data sticks. First, you have to be able to receive a qualifying plan that the company provides. Then, you activate a new laptop plan before receiving your new data stick.

This is an offer that applied mostly to new customers, but the company also put together some plans that would allow for other existing users to get a data stick of their own as well. This is one of a number of offers that WIND has debuted in recent days, and you can bet that they will continue to offer similar plans in the future moving forward as well. With their legal difficulties behind them for the most part, you can bet that they are going to continue to push their brand throughout the country and offering free items such as this is a good way to do it.

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