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How WIND Mobile Changed The Landscape Canada

WIND Mobile did truly change Canada and Canadians approach to thinking about their phone service and the options that are now there to be considered. Of course, the most obvious way WIND did this is by offering services at previously unheard of and unavailable rates. For so long the three major companies that have controlled the market, Rogers, TELUS and Bell have had the whole field to themselves and without any competition from a forward thinking competitive source, they have pretty much operated however they wanted. They could afford to do this because they controlled the entire situation and were happy to get along with each other and all make tons of profits at the expense of the consumer who had no where else to turn-until now!

WIND Mobile is truly an idea whose time has come. They are an aggressive thinking company offering smart and attractive pricing option plans and unique and diversified services and devices. It appears also that the company is well financed so they are in this for the long haul. It is amazing how just an increase in competition, other avenues for the consumer to have for consideration, changes the entire landscape of a situation. Competition is always good and always vital to the ability of the average person to afford services they require. It should always be encouraged and nourished as it truly is in the best interest of all. One of the results of the WIND Mobile entry into the playing field that is most obvious is that it will immediately cause the existing three to respond by re-evaluating their pricing structures and systems and certainly lowering them so that may now be able to compete. Once again, the real winner in all this is the person who needs it the most, the average consumer. As for their cell phone offerings, it's not sure if they will be able to carry phones like the iPhone 3GS or Blackberry Bold 2 because of the 1700 band their network runs on.