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WIND Mobile Handsets and Plans

The Wind Mobile is Canada’s newest wireless carrier. It has just received permission from the Canadian government to begin operations. It is formatted to work with Blackberry 9700, HTC Maple, Huawei181 data stick, Samsung Gravity 2, and Huawei U7519.

Wind Mobile is making itself very, very attractive to customers. To begin with, it is offering its handsets at cost, giving customers a welcome up front savings. These handsets begin at $130 for the Huawei U7519. Other handsets available are the Samsung cell phone (Gravity) for $150, the HTC Maple for $300, and the Blackberry Bold 9700 for $450. Wind Mobile is opening its first stores in Toronto and Calgary, with services being available in Vancouver, Ottawa and Edmonton in 2010.

Right now, there are three calling plans available to customers. The money-saver plan is only $15 for the basic services, which include unlimited Wind to Wind calling. The more expensive plans, which cost $35 and $45, add unlimited calling all across Canada from the customer’s home zone. Unlimited instant messaging, My Space and Facebook access will add $10 to the bill. Unlimited interned data will add $35.

The people who created this wireless carrier have put in some features that every plan has, and some long sought after features that are unique to this plan. There are no activation fees; no charges for incoming long distance calls; no contracts on services; unlimited WIND to WIND calling; no charges for incoming text messages, ever; no penalties for changing or canceling a plan; no E911 fees; and all plans include call hold, call waiting, missed call alerts, caller ID, call forwarding, and unlimited conference calling at no extra charge. With this new competition, the other carriers of Canada will be looking for ways to meet the features of Wind Mobile’s calling plans. The winners in this competition will be Canadian cell phone users.