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Verizon iPhone Expected to Sell Up To 10 Million Units This Year

RBC Capital Markets announced today that they believe that the Verizon iPhone could potentially sell as many as 10 million units when it is released throughout 2011. The number comes from early estimates put together by the company that has been spot on with several of their predictions regarding other releases including the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, which the company said had the possibility of selling 10 million units shortly after its release.

This number would double projections that other companies and experts have released. A vast majority of these estimates have stated that they believe that the iPhone on Verizon is capable of selling as much as 5 million units during its first year.

The first Verizon Wireless iPhone event will be taking place tomorrow, and the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is expected to be in attendance. RBC also stated that they do not believe that Apple will have any other product announcements this year, and will probably focus all of their attention on the upcoming Verizon iPhone release.

Some have guessed that Apple could be announcing their iPad 2 at the event on the Verizon network as well, although there has been no solid confirmation of this. Verizon is expected to officially announce their first CDMA release of the iPhone some time tomorrow at their schedule press event.

All signs seem to be pointing to a February 3rd launch for the device. This would fall in line with the freeze on retail employee vacations that Apple announced earlier this week, igniting speculation about a Verizon iPhone release that has been rumored for literally years. Even with the long delay on the Verizon release of the unlocked iPhone 4, it will likely be one of the most anticipated products of the year and RBC said that they expect it to sell between nine and ten million units in 2011 alone based on the data that they have.