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16 Megapixel Smart Phone Cameras Coming Sooner Than You Think

Japan has always been ahead of the curve in regards to the mobile industry. Much of the popular technology that we see in the US and North America is actually first tested on a large scale in Japan before being added to the carrier lineups in the West. If you watch the trending technologies in Japan at all, you will notice that their most recent devices have had some very high powered cameras in recent months.

Now, a Japanese chip manufacturing company, Renesas, has said that they are currently developing 16 Megapixel cameras for use in mobile devices in the future. This would be over three times the picture clarity that is currently offered with the unlocked iPhone 4 and other popular mobile devices. The highest powered cameras in mobile devices in the West are typically around the 8 Megapixel range. That would make these new cameras nearly twice as powerful, and good enough to be used for photography purposes.

With cameras that good, you can bet that you will see mobile devices released that focus more heavily on the camera than the other features and are marketed toward photographers and those of us that take a lot of pictures. The company has said that their new image processing system chip, called the CE150 will allow 16 megapixel camera phones for the first time in the history of the mobile industry. As of right now, there are 13 megapixel chip sets available, but they still have not caught on with the majority of the world.

Users can also expect to be able to shoot full HD video. The company also announced that they were looking to begin mass production of the chip as early as March, and they will be available to manufacture for only $48 for each chip. Expect this technology to be utilized World Wide within the next year.

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