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TELUS Makes Consumer Predictions for 2011

As per the one of the leading unlocked cell phone blog site, every new year TELUS makes a number of estimates regarding the top trends of the upcoming year. This year, the CMO David Fuller laid out his predictions for 5 technologies that will change the way we look at the tech industry this year.

In his first predictions, he said that consumers will look for devices across all industries that are connected to the Internet. The ability to connect to mobile networks from any device means that content can be delivered (for instance, to the television set in your living room) that will enhance your experience. He also guessed that WiFi enabled digital cameras, eBook reading devices and handheld gaming devices should see huge growth.

Another trend that he sees getting bigger next year is the use of smart phones as WiFi hotspots. This is something that has already taken hold in the industry, but is something that he thinks will become increasingly popular as time goes on. Google is leading the drive for mobile hotspots, and so far they have been a huge success.

He also predicted that since TV is now able to be accessed nearly anywhere - from your TV to your computer and even on your mobile device, he predicted that we will see a rise in multi-screen devices that allow you to surf the internet and watch television at the same time. Along with this, his fourth prediction was that TV would continue to move farther away from the actual television set. Although the TV is something that will always remain a centerpiece in the living rooms of most, watch for the content to start to be available anywhere and for TV’s to continually update the apps that are available on them.

His fifth and final prediction was for cloud based computing to see a huge rise this year. Last year, cloud based computing saw huge gains with the implementation of several technologies. This year, you might look for other content such as TV and Video to start being delivered through the cloud.

They were all fairly safe, yet accurate predictions from TELUS that say a lot about the future of the industry and where we can expect it to head.

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