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Moshi VersaCover for iPad

  • It's funny. Smartphone and tablet makers have been putting a lot of effort into making TVs of late. Samsung, LG and Sony all have their own Smart TVs, even as people increasingly shift their viewing and content consumption away from TV and toward mobile devices. Nielsen says 30 million are already watching Tv on their mobile device. So what's the point? A new arrival in Samsung accessories at Pure Mobile will make sense of it all.

    Samsung's AllShare Cast Dongle gives you the screen size of a TV with the convenience you get from streaming video on your phone. Compatible with Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy 10.1, this fun gadget allows you to wirelessly display anything on your phone right onto your TV screen.

    Samsung AllShare Cast Hub Galaxy S3 Galaxy Note samrt TV Samsung's AllShare Cast Hub lets you display content from your Samsung phone directly on your TV


    Basically, you just connect the AllShare Cast Dongle to your TV's HDMI port and you  can view anything – from video games and pictures to video you may be streaming on WiFi – on your TV in full 1080p resolution, without the need for any data cables.

    So maybe smart TV makers like Samsung aren't so crazy after all. Even though people love streaming content, they'll always prefer a bigger screen when they're at home. And as along as Samsung's designing official accessories that give users the best of both worlds, their TVs should stay as relevant as their phones for some time yet.

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  • iLuv ISS259GRN Gelato case Samsung Galaxy S3 Green sale iLuv's Gelato case for Samsung Galaxy S3


    If you're looking for an amazing deal on accessories for your Galaxy S3, half price is hard to beat. And that's exactly what you'll find in Pure Mobile's featured deal of the day.

    In what's pretty much one of the best sales around, we've got a lineup of Galaxy S3 cases at up to 50% off, from top brand iLuv. Whether you're looking for a lightweight and shock-absorbing silicone case, like the brightly colored Gelato case, or a tough and durable hard shell case, like the architectural Hardshell Diamond case, you'll find it for way less right now on our site.

    Half off at Pure Mobile, iLuv's Annex Hardshell case for Samsung Galaxy S3 features a slot pocket for cards and cash


    We've even got some super handy cases, like the Annex Hardshell case, which protects your Galaxy S3 with a rigid, injection-moulded backing and gives you a way to easilly stash cash and cards with a clever little slot pocket for cards and cash.

    So if you want to outfit your S3 at half the price, check out our 50% off deals on the Pure Mobile website.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    WIND Mobile has put out two warnings on its website for those who plan to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    WIND’s Galaxy S3 only available to new customers right now

    The first notice has good news and bad news. The good: the phone is in stores and its WIND tab price is a bargain at $299. The bad: In WIND’s words, “Due to extreme global demand for this device, limited quantities will be available, so get there early.”

    A second notice is even more discouraging and included no bright spot other than a nebulous commitment to “make it up to you with an exclusive customer offer.”  The bad news here is that current WIND customers won’t be able to upgrade to the Galaxy S3 right now due to “overwhelming global demand.”

    That’s the way to reward customer loyalty.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Both Future Shop and Best Buy are no longer taking online and in-store pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It appears that they’ve been overwhelmed by the response. For now, it looks like the only reference to the Galaxy S3 that they feel comfortable making is “coming soon.”

    Future Shop and Best Buy suspend Samsung Galaxy S 3 pre-orders

    While TELUS, Bell, Rogers, WIND, SaskTel, Mobilicity, Virgin, and Videotron have all committed to offering the both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the Galaxy S3, Best Buy and Future Shop sweetened their pre-order deal. For a $50 deposit on the device, customers would receive a $20 gift card.

    Future Shop acknowledged the suspension in an email: “Canadians clearly want their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 – response to Future Shop’s preorders has been tremendous since day one. We recently ended preorders for this device to allow time to organize accurate shipments to our stores.” 

    Samsung has a reputation for being pretty slow with bringing its accessories online. Industry leading manufacturers continue to provide the greatest selection of top brand cell phone accessories  from Bags and Sleeves, Batteries, Bluetooth Headsets and Bluetooth Car Kits, Car Holders, Cases and Skins, Data Cables, Earbuds and Headsets, Keyboard and Protectors, Memory Cards, Screen Protectors, Speakers and Docks as well as Stylus and Pens. 

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 launches in Canada on June 20th. All the carriers still show they are taking pre-orders on their sites. However, TELUS, Bell, Virgin, Rogers, SaskTel, WIND, Mobilicity and Videotron have yet to reveal their pricing.

    The S3 was released internationally a couple of weeks ago, and consumers have been raving. Samsung has had to deal with pre-orders of more than 9 million devices. Let’s see how they handle the demand after the phone goes on sale. What a problem to have.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Since the manufacturers aren’t sharing details on new device upgrades, TELUS has decided to handle it themselves.

    Market UpdateAndroid Logo

    Leaving your valuable mobile devices unprotected is risky!  Discover the latest innovative protection solutions... stylish top brand bags, sleeves and cases specifically designed to protect your devices from scratches and blemishes.  Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside these brand name protection accessories combine complete device coverage with sleek artistic expression.

    TELUS has uploaded a schedule of updates for many of the Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows phone models. TELUS has also shared details about development status (in testing or not), and provides approximate ETAs. Here’s what TELUS calls the “Device OS Upgrade” schedule as of May 3rd:

    - Samsung Galaxy SII X upgrade to 4.0 is expected Early June
    - Samsung Galaxy Note upgrade to 4.0 is expected Early June
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 upgrade to 4.01 is expected Mid June
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 upgrade to 4.0 is expected Late July
    - LG Optimus LTE 4.0 upgrade to 4.0 is expected Mid July
    - HTC Amaze 4G upgrade to 4.0 is expected May 28th
    - Motorola  Xoom upgrade to OS 4.0 is expected Late May
    - Sony  Xperia Ray 4.0 Not in TELUS labs June 11th

    - BlackBerry Bold 9790 upgrade to OS 7.1 is expected Early June

    - No Updates Currently Planned.

    Windows Phone:
    - Nokia Lumia 800 upgrade is probably the battery fix issue and is expected to be Early June

    Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and XMI Speakers all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Take note: anything that can change, will. TELUS added the warning: “Expected dates are subject to change.” Regardless, we hope we’ll hear about those changes, too.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus Exclusivity Over
    Posted on January 20, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    By Megan Fleet

    Canadian Android fans rejoice! The company’s poster child, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, is no longer exclusive to Bell and Virgin. As of JANUARY 13,2012; the popular smartphone is available to TELUS, Rogers, and Fido. In addition to the end of this era of exclusivity, this change is heralding in the first Android 4.0 device to Canada as well. To this writer, it rings of a changing of the tides for the attitudes of unlocked phones.

    Galaxy Nexus

    At the various carriers and Best Buy, there are many promotions accompanying this release that vie for customers’ signatures on long-term service contracts. Individual carriers are making the device available for a price ranging from $99.99 to $159.99 for a three year contract. For those customers open to the potential high costs of such a long contract, Best Buy is the best bet as it will extend the $99.99 promotion to all carriers.  In addition to engaging in a price war, all vendors are luring customers with the latest innovative protective cases and skins.

    Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Google Phone

    However, when taking the gleaming distractions of the Ice Cream Sandwich OS and the ever impressive Galaxy Nexus, customers should not blindly rush into such agreements without recognizing a few things. Smartphone technology is developed and released at a rapid rate. The cost of opting out of a contract if the next must-have phone is an exclusive with another carrier and takes some luster out of promotional deals. Last, by considering unlocked cell phones that are not tied to a contract, you hold the power deciding on which carrier provides the lowest priced service contract that best  meets your unique mobile lifestyle needs.

    This gives you the ability to have both the device you crave and the ability to walk away from a contract or plan that does not suit your needs. Hence, allowing time to rationally decide how you truly use your phone (do you SMS or MMS a lot? How much data do you use? Are you a chatty Cathy?) Then, you look for the best deal from there.

    Regardless of your choice, happy shopping and don’t forget to protect your investment with the proper case, screen skins, and hands free headsets!

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  • By Megan Fleet

    Some things sound too good to be true. There is always a price to be paid. In the world of smartphones and contracts, the pipers are usually paid with hours of time, creative loopholes for promotional deals, and hidden costs with the long contacts signed to nab the desired handset of choice.

    But, for those consumers who are in the market for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have avoided these long tied-in contracts or whose contract have come to term, there is a promotion that merits serious consideration.  As of January 13 , Best Buy has made this Android / Samsung poster child available for $99.99. This will require a three year contract, but the offer will extend to all carriers (apparently with the exception of Fido): Virgin Mobile, TELUS, Bell, and Rogers.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Google Phone

    This is definitely an option to consider in comparison shopping as the official launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Fido, TELUS, and Rogers is this Friday and three year contract deals are seeing handset costs around $160 or $600 outright. These carriers have began their sales of the Android 4.0 smartphone earlier than the announced release date, but TELUS will be releasing this device on Friday as well, but will match the Best Buy introductory price of $99.99 for signing a three year term.

    With the number of carriers offering this kind of introductory offer, it isn’t likely to disappear any time soon. In the spirit of informed consumerism and seeing the true long term costs of both the new Galaxy Nexus handset and the contract terms, look at unlocked phone options and deals as well that will allow you to pick the best contract (and a more reasonable length!) for you.

    Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich - Google Phone

    Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool!  Discover select accessories such as; stylus & pens, micro SD memory cards, batteries, docking stations, Bluetooth headsets, data cables and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    Or, if the contract offering from Best Buy, TELUS, Rogers and all the like is your cup of tea, be sure to shop around for the protective cases and skins for your new smartphone and depending on the laws of your area, hands free accessories as well. No matter what route fits best, happy shopping and enjoy your new gadgets!

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    Nokia Lumia 800 - Dark Knight Edition

    Despite its performance to date in the mobile tech, Microsoft, who currently owns 2% of the market share, is still managing to effectively keep itself in the public eye with newsworthy and surprising actions. Case and point is the Microsoft sanctioned and collaborated jailbroken Windows Phone 7.   Discover an extensive array of Android wireless devices innovative protective cases and skin accessories designed to  deliver modern style, stunning design and smart protection.  Make your mobile devices stand out.  Customize your look - how cool can you be?

    Announced in November of 2011 by the Chevron WP7 team that had initially brought the technology and work-around to Microsoft, the mobile world was set back on its heels. Considering the reaction of Research In Motion after the Blackberry PlayBook tablet, jailbreak, this writer is inclined to say Microsoft marketed itself well in taking the high road.

    What did this sanctioned jailbreak really mean though? Between Chevron WP7 and Microsoft they created a device that would empower users to actively break into their Windows Phone OS and install their « homebrew applications » while bypassing the huge Marketplace availability  of side loaded apps. This is indicative of an ever growing community of consumers that leverage the power of unlocked cell phones to choose their preferred service providers and break away from long term service contracts... while customizing their phones with both apps and cell phone accessories of their choice.

    For the more tech savvy crowd out there, the ability the customize a smartphone is a huge selling point that could make Microsoft more competitive in this market. In fact, the Chevron WP7 team is sold out! Clearly demand has been higher than expected and the initial 10,000 unlocked tokens went fast. According to Rafael Rivera, a spokesperson, those tokens were sold at $9 a piece with the revenue to be split between Microsoft and the Chevron WP7 team.   Enhance your mobility and turn your device into a power tool! Discover select accessories, such as stylus & pens, SD Micro memory cards, batteries, speakers and glider gloves all specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

    So what is next? Why not simply make additional tokens available with another agreement with Microsoft and continue to increase sales and promote the Windows Phone? Well, it looks as though the team does not want to press its luck with the Goliath technology company. In the interim, WP7 customers can invest in accessorizing their device with peripheral technologies (speaker docks, hands-free headsets, and the myriad of other fun gadgets available). For those not satisfied with acquisition, there are other jailbreak methods available to Samsung Galaxy cell phones or HTC Jetstream tablets, but these are not manufacturer endorsed. But, customers may have an easier time finding these same devices unlocked to exercise some of their consumer power.

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  • By Aldo Panessidi

    School districts received a number of grants to purchase tablets to increase interactive learning and pique student interest and raise productivity.  Faced with the decision of choosing a tablet, educational institutions are investigating and evaluating the benefits and shortcomings of various mobile tablets and tablet accessories available on the market.


    Some of the many benefits are: physical size, applications, streamlined user-friendly features. However, the vast majority of these tablets don't come equipped with CD/ DVD ROMs or USB ports that are traditional means of backup for the typical user.  It appears that Acer had these limitations in mind when it quietly developed and introduced the Acer A500. This is a consumer centric honeycomb product that is not only affordable but also includes full-size USB ports and is cost effective.  Discover the latest innovative protective tablet solutions and premium electronic tablet accessories.

    Acer Launches Affordable USB Equiped Tablet

    The new Acer A500 model boasts a 10.1 inch screen with a full gigabyte of RAM and an option of 16 or 32 gigabyte internal storage. The 2 megapixel front facing camera and an 3260mAh battery  holding an 8 hour charge; coupled with a USB port and microSD card option for 32GB external storage for the pragmatic user. Other tablet showcases more impressive technical specs, but it all comes down to the customer needs.

    This is indeed a pragmatic option (not necessarily aesthetically appealing one at 12mm thick), the specs of this Acer tablet make it a contender as an entry-level purchase. For those customers drawn to a tablet’s « look » and flashier features, they may want to consider the Blackberry PlayBook or Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy offerings.

    Acer Launches Affordable USB Equiped Tablet

    For the Android fans out there, this tablet is slated to launch with Honeycomb but will be upgraded to Android 4.0 soon after its release. The roadmap as of now is unclear, but would make a lovely and practical addition to any consumer’s Android family of products.

    Accessories are designed to protect, personalize and enhance your mobile devices.


    Leaving your valuable mobile devices unprotected is risky!  Protect your devices from scratches and blemishes with our stylish top brand accessories.


    Let our trend setting fashionable accessories express your unique style.  Make your mobile devices stand out.  Customize your look - how cool can you be?


    Enhance your mobility... turn your device into a power tool.  Discover our select accessories specifically designed to make your devices functionally efficient and performance rich.

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