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Tag Archives: iPad

Moshi VersaCover for iPad
  • Moshi Concerti Leather iPad 4th Generation Case

    Is there any accessory that the luxury of leather doesn't make that much better? The answer is no, and Moshi knows it. A longtime maker of stylish, practical and protective accessories for phones and tablets, Moshi takes today's spot for mobile accessory of the week with their luxe Concerti Leather iPad 4th Generation Case.

    Somewhere between a sleeve and a folio, this beautiful carrying case is made of supple, geniuine leather for a sophisticated and polished look. But this accessory is not just about being pretty.

    Moshi Concerti Leather iPad 4th Generation Case in Black Moshi Concerti Leather iPad 4th Generation Case in Black


    More than just an open and shut folio, the Concerti cover offers 30 degrees of freestyle viewing angles, from upright to flat, for easy browsing and typing. So this carrying case can easily double as an iPad stand. Meanwhile, it features a hidden magnetic front panel that works with your iPad's sleep to wake function.

    Moshi Concerti Leather iPad 4th Generation Case in Black The freestyle angles of the Moshi Concerti Leather iPad 4th Generation Case


    Even when the case is closed, it allows for unobstructed use of both front and back cameras, while other ports and controls are left equally free to use. And when your'e not using your iPad, a convenient elastic strap keeps the case securely shut.

    In terms of protection, you get more here than you'd normally expect from a folio-style carrying case. The Moshi Concerti does a great job of protecting your iPad from shocks and vibrations, thanks to its layering of the leather outer layer with a hybrid silicone inner layer and microfiber lining.

    And, additional thoughtful design details add to the overall quality of the product. For instance, a convenient integrated hand pocket at the back helps to prevent wrist fatigue when using your iPad for any length of time.

    The Moshi Concerti is an impressive 4th Generation iPad case on so many different levels. From the high quality of its materials, like luxurious leather, to its versatile design and clever construction, it's hard to find flaw here. And that makes this awesome leather iPad sleeve our accessory of the week.

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  • Otterbox Armor iPhone 5 case top 10 iPhone 5 accessories

    Last week on the Pure Mobile blog, we started our countdown of the ultimate top 10 iPhone 5 accessories. Now, deciding on only 10 accessories amid a seemingly endless selection of carrying cases, docks and more is quite the challenge. So we decided to take it slow and present our favorite picks for the best iPhone 5 accessories in two parts.

    This week, we conclude our top ten list with our final five choices. With great carrying cases form Griffin, Incipio, and Incase, as well as some unexpected but totally cool gadgets, we're putting the finishing touches on the ultimate list of iPhone 5 accessories.

    6. OtterBox Armor Series Cases

    Waterproof, drop-proof, dust-proof and crush-proof — is there anything this heavy duty iPhone 5 case won't do? OtterBox promises that, with the Armor case, your phone will be completely safe from water, dirt, accidents and drops. Plus, it comes in three vibrant colors: bright green, blue or orange.

    7. Incipio OffGrid Case

    Incipio OffGrid iPhone 5 Case in Black Incipio OffGrid iPhone 5 Case in Black


    A major gripe about the iPhone is that, if you use it day in and day out (like most people do), you tend to run out of battery life pretty quickly.

    But with Incipio's OffGrid case for iPhone 5, you get an extra battery pack integrated right into a surprisingly compact and resilient carrying case. The OffGrid will more than double the regular battery life of your phone and has neat features like an LED battery life indicator on the back. Also, when it comes time to charge, this iPhone external battery case allows your iPhone to charge first. Smart!

    8. Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband

    Griffin MiCoach Adidas Armband for iPhone 5 Griffin MiCoach Adidas Armband for iPhone 5


    A great accessory for athletic types, this armband-style case for iPhone 5 lets you stay connected to your phone hands-free. Lightweight and sweatproof, you can listen to music, take calls and get notifications all while you work out. Definitely among the top 10 iPhone 5 accessories in terms of utility.

    9. Griffin Moto TC Monster Truck

    Griffin Moto TC Monster Truck for iPhone and iPad Griffin Moto TC Monster Truck for iPhone and iPad


    Not necessarily the most essential iPhone 5 accessory, Griffin's Moto TC Monster Truck is solely about fun.

    It's a remote control big wheel truck that you use your iPhone or iPad to steer — totally a toy for grown-ups. Wreak havoc with this little speed demon. It even lets you pre-program routes or save your favorite courses and paths so you can relive the madness!

    10. Griffin Midtown Wallet Case

    Griffin Midtown Wallet Case for iPhone 5 in Black Griffin Midtown Wallet Case for iPhone 5 in Black


    A place for everything and everything in its place. Griffin's Midtown wallet case for iPhone 5 lets you consolidate your phone, cash and cards in a stylish folio-style case. Professional and sleek, it holds everything you need for a busy day out and about.

    So there you have the conclusion to Pure Mobile's ultimate list of the top 10 iPhone 5 accessories. Feel free to check out part 1 of this roundup of great iPhone 5 accessories on the Pure Mobile blog, or check out the Pure Mobile site for more awesome cases and gadgets that didn't quite make our top ten.


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  • iLuv CEO Portfolio iPad 4th Generation Case

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Except, when you run across a super professional, top notch iPad accessory, the lines between work and play tend to blur. That's exactly the case with today's Pure Mobile accessory of the week. With iLuv's CEO Portfolio iPad 4th generation case, you get an accessory that works hard, plays hard, and looks good doing it.

    iLuv CEO Portfolio Case for iPad 4th Generation & iPad 2, iPad 3 A place for everything: iLuv CEO Portfolio Case for iPad 4th Generation


    With a sophisticated, stylish look, this professional-grade tablet case transitions easily from office to evening. But it's what's on the inside that really counts.

    Also compatible with iPad 2 and iPad 3, the CEO Portfolio case for iPad 4th generation offers a place for everything and everything in its place, with organized storage not just for your tablet but also for pen or stylus, cards, and documents.

    And when it's time to call it quits for the day, you zip up the whole kit and kaboodle and slip it under your arm for after-work cocktails.

    iLuv CEO Portfolio Case for iPad 4th Generation iLuv CEO Portfolio Case for iPad 4th Generation, upright


    One of the sleekest, most organized and all-around most intelligently designed cases for iPad 4th generation, the CEO Portfolio is a testmanet to iLuv's commitment to both functionality and style. Versatile, attractive, practical and portable, it's one of the finest and most well-designed iPad cases Pure Mobile has seen in many months. And that makes it our accessory of the week.

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  • incase-pivot_headphones_buy_one_get_one_free Pure Mobile

    Everyone likes a good 'buy one get one' sale. And everyone loves music. So this week, we at Pure Mobile decided nothing could be better than combining the two with a special deal on Incase headphones. So, for a limited time, when you buy set of either Pivot or Reflex headphones, you get a second pair free. It's a great chance to double up on a one of the best headphones for iPhone, or to treat yourself while picking up a gift for a friend.

    Whether you're looking for iPad or iPhone compatible headphones, or a set of headphones for Galaxy devices, Incase is among the best makers of audio equipment for smartphones, tablets, Mp3 players and laptops.

    With both the pivot and the Reflex headphones, you'll get an integrated mic and controls for iPhone, iPod, Ipad and more. And both are designed to sit comfortably, with adjustable and rotating earcups that deliver clear, full sound.

    Incase Reflex Headphones in Black and Green Incase Reflex Headphones in Black and Green


    Of course the headphone mic lets you take or end calls easily and the integrated remote allows you to easily control volume and choose tracks without fumbling for your device, which makes Incase's designs one of the best headphones for running.

    And aside from comfort, function and quality, you'll also get something stylish and cool, as both models of Incase heaphones come in different colors, like black and green, or grey and pink. It's just a matter of deciding whether you like the slightly more chunky Reflex headphones or the slimmer Pivot headphones.

    Incase Pivot Headphones in Grey and Pink Incase Pivot Headphones in Grey and Pink


    This Incase headphones deal won't be on for long at Pure Mobile. So if you're looking for a good iPhone headset, or headphones for any other device, check in soon, and get one free with your purchase of either the Reflex or Pivot from Incase.


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  • Targus Versavu Keyboard carrying case for iPad 3 Targus Versavu Case & Keyboard for iPad 3


    Today's mobile accessory of the week is all about versatility. In that regard, the Targus Versavu Case & Keyboard is a lot like the device it's designed for, the iPad. You probably use your iPad to play games, do work, watch movies and more. And this carrying case for iPad 3 caters to all of that.

    A leather folio-style keyboard case, the Versavu's most distinguishing feature is that it works as a 360-degree rotating stand, allowing you to mount your iPad in four different positions for an optimal viewing angle.

    Of course, it's also got a Bluetooth keyboard, styled much like the keyboard on other Apple devices, like the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It's sleek, quiet, and allows for fluid typing, probably making for one of the best iPad cases with keyboard on the market right now. You can even charge up the keyboard while it's still in the case.

    This stylish case blends durability with high-utility and even come with its own high-end iPad stylus, which fits neatly into the cleverly conceived stylus storage. One reviewer notes that this would probably be a benefit to anyone who uses their iPad for drawing or any tupe of graphic work.

    But aside from providing you with an iPad stylus and Bluetooth keyboard, the Versavu is at its heart a carrying case. And it performs that simplest of functions admirably, with an easy-to-clean, stain-resistent exterior and padded, soft-touch lining.

    Not only is this a great looking and well-made carrying case for iPad 3, but the Targus Versavu Case & Keyboard really does let you get the most out of your iPad's many features. And that makes it our mobile accessory of the week.

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  • iPad Game Controller rumor

    Apple accessories for iPad have, until now, stopped just short of the gamer market. Though you can find a thousand varieties of iPad carrying cases, bluetooth keyboards, stands, car holders and more, gaming on the iPad hasn't really moved beyond touch control – yet.

    Sure, a few third party accessories makers have taken a crack at making iPad cases for gamers, with integrated control buttons and even joysticks. But a report from PocketGamer claims that an official Apple accessory for iPad gamers is in the works.

    According to the report, during this year's Game Developers Conference, Apple has been in talks with developers about releasing its own dedicated game controller for iPad.

    Citing "multiple developer sources," the article reports that Apple has even "been operating a meeting room at the show, albeit booked under a pseudonym company name to avoid media attention."

    Of corse, Apple tends to play things pretty close to the chest when it comes to unreleased accessories, so there's little we can know about the rumored gadget if and until Apple decides to open up about it.

    But there are some logical assumptions we can make. As TechCrunch notes, "Apple is expected to hold an iPad-centric event in April so it’s possible that this controller may be officially unveiled in just a few weeks."

    If and when that proves to be true, we can only imagine that an official Apple-branded iPad game controller will be among the must have iPad accessories for anyone who's supplemented their console use with a healthy dose of iPad gaming.

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  • TYLT Energi Backpack charger bag iPad iPhone Android TYLT's Energi Backpack charger bag for multiple devices

    On an average day, you probably tote around a few devices – your phone, your iPad, and maybe an iPod too. So it's nice to have a carrying case or travel bag that accommodates multliple devices. But wouldn't it be sweet if that bag were also an Android and Apple battery charger, so you could power up those devices on the go?

    A new Kickstarter project, the Energi Backpack from TYLT, does just that.

    With compartments specially designed to fit your iPad, iPhone and iPod, it's certainly a great way to tote around your devices. But beyond being an iPad carrying case or travel bag, this backpack actually charges up to three devices at once. So when you get to where you're going, you don't have to worry about battery life.

    And, since it charges via USB, it's actually compatible with Android devices, like the Galaxy S3, as well as with Apple products and any other device with a USB port.

    So what if you happen to need your phone, even if it's charging inside the bag? The design of the Energi Backpack allows charging cables to be routed outside the bag, so you can talk with your device plugged in, a really clever and thoughtful detail.

    For the time being, this battery charger/travel bag combo is still in development, as TYLT tries to reach its $50,000 Kickstarter goal. But with a donation of $99 or ore, early backers will receive their own.

    There are plenty of iPad travel bags and Apple battery chargers out there, but we haven't seen an Apple accessory quite like this before. So we'd be interested to see the Energi Backpack go into production. If you feel the same way, you can always check out the product on Kickstarter.

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  • elroy kickstarter bluetooth earbuds headphones iPhone Android


    Though both bluetooth headsets and wireless headphones for iPhone and Android already exist in many shapes and forms, a new Kickstarter project draws on the best of both in a smartphone accessory for active and connected types.

    Elroy is an earbud-style set of bluetooth headphones that also acts as a headset for multiple devices, compatible with iPhone and iPad, Android phones like the Galaxy S3, or any other device that supports Bluetooth.

    Of course, Big brands like Beats by Dre already make wireless, bluetooth-enabled headphones, but they're often the over-ear style, which isn't always practical – think yoga class. And they don't always come equipped with a mic or remote.

    And earbuds that do feature microphones and remotes to answer calls usually have a full length of wire which can get tangled and be impractical. Likewise, most Bluetooth headsets aren't really designed for listening to music.

    But Elroy's design addresses all those things. Since the lower two thirds of a typical earbud wire have been removed, they're tangle free, which is safer and easier for exercise. Meanwhile, that lower wire section is replaced with a clip-on Bluetooth unit equipped with magnetic docking ports for both earbuds.

    Those docking ports also act as a remote, allowing you to answer a call by picking up one of the earbuds, or end a call by putting it back it in its port. That means these headphones essentially take over the job of a Bluetooth headset. Plus, you can automatically pause music when you put the earbuds in their ports, or control your music remotely when your phone is docked into a stereo system.

    What's also really nice about this design is that the Elroy earbuds are equipped with Multipoint and can serve up to seven different devices at a time:

    "Watching a movie on your iPad when a phone call comes in on your iPhone?  No problem. Just click and answer.  Maybe you have to carry two phones, one for yourself and one for work.  No problem.  Elroy is connected to both at the same time ready to take a call."

    The fact that Elroy has managed to exceed its $30,000 Kickstarter goal is a testament to just how cool this fun little gadget is shaping up to be. And when it finally does launch, it's set to be among the best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone, or any device, on the market.

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  • iLuv Folio Jacket Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 3 iLuv Folio Jacket with Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 3


    We remember when the first iPad came out. A lot of naysayers out there were calling it a mere toy, not something you could ever do real work on. But lots of iPad accessories out there, like today's mobile accessory of the week, show just how much things have changed. So let's take a closer look at iLuv's Folio Jacket with Bluetooth Keyboard.

    This leather-like, folio-style iPad carrying case gives you the best of both worlds, with a removable bluetooth keyboard and integrated kickstand that essentially turn your iPad 3 into a working laptop.

    This multifaceted carrying case for iPad 3 stands out from other iPad covers as more of a complete professional workstation rather than just a protective cover. However, you can always remove the Bluetooth keyboard when it's not needed, for a slimmer, more lightweight traveling case.

    The Bluetooth keyboard itself is ridiculously simple to pair with your iPad 3, and boasts a long battery life, so you don't have to worry about it dying on you when you're out and about.

    And if we were to review this iPad accessory just in terms of cases, iLuv's iPad keyboard-case combo has everything we'd expect and more – a sleek and sophisticated look, totally unhindered access to ports and controls, protection on all sides, and easy portability.

    Overall, iLuv's Folio Jacket with Bluetooth Keyboard is the perfect iPad accessory for the user who loves their tablet but sometimes needs the functionality of a laptop keyboard. No more switching devices!

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  • Slickwraps glow in the dark sticker skins for iPhone 4S

    If you're looking for a quick and easy way to customize your Apple device – be it MacBook, iPhone or iPod – look no further than Slickwraps. With a huge line of sticker-style Apple accessories, the company's got tons of color and style options that'll help protect your laptop, phone or Mp3 player from scratches and dirt while giving it a unique look.

    Available for iPhone, iPod and MacBook, these custom skins are thin and easy to apply, with perfectly placed cutouts or device ports and buttons.

    But more importantly, they come in almost every finish you could want – leather, metallic, wood, glow in the dark, snakeskin, camo, solid colors, and way more. They've even got a heat-sensitive, color changing mood ring iPhone skin!

    Slickwraps Leather Skins for iPhone 5 and MacBook Slickwraps Leather Skins for iPhone 5 and MacBook


    And you can even make a truly personal statement by building your own Slickwraps skin, by choosing different colors for different parts of your device.

    Of course, the adhesive, decal-like design of Slickwraps skins means that they're quite thin and can only offer protection against superficial damage. Sure, they'll help guard against scratches and the like.

    Slickwraps Heat Sensitive Mood Ring Skin for iPhone 4 Slickwraps Heat Sensitive Mood Ring Skin for iPhone 4


    But if you want to protect your iPhone, iPad or MacBook against shocks, drops or water, you'll probably still need a carrying case or at the very least a protective sleeve.

    Still, these protective skin stickers are fun Apple accessories that will definitely give your favorite device the unique, custom look you want.

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