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Moshi VersaCover for iPad
  • LifeProof Fre Waterproof iPhone 5 Case in Black LifeProof Frē Waterproof iPhone 5 Case in Black


    One case. Four Proofs. That's the tagline for the Frē, the latest LifeProof waterproof iPhone 5 case. If you're not already familiar with LifeProof, the mobile accessories maker's line of ultra-protective and waterproof iPhone cases is its claim to fame.

    Though other cases claim to resist water, few are truly as waterproof as LifeProof's; true for the new Frē iPhone 5 case as well as models of the case for iPad and older versions of the iPhone, this waterproof LifeProof case not only protects against rain and small spills but is so reliably watertight it actually allows you to completely submerge your phone in water.

    So it's not just about protection from water damage but also allows you to use your iPhone in new ways, like taking underwater pictures and video.

    Lifeproof Frē waterproof iPhone 5 Case mud puddle The Lifeproof Frē iPhone 5 Case stands up to dirt and water


    But as the tagline goes, the Frē has "four proofs" all in one case, and it can handle a lot more than just water. Aside from water, it also protects against, snow, dirt and shocks. In fact, this waterproof iPhone 5 case has been rigorously tested to meet or exceed the standards of both the U.S. and U.K. armies, so it's actually military-grade. All this to say, an accidental drop probably won't mean the end of your phone.

    LifeProof Fre Waterproof iPhone 5 Case in Black Shock Proof The LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 Case: shock proof and waterproof


    You'd think that such heavy-duty protection would entail a lot of bulk. But the Frē iPhone 5 case is actually surprisingly slim and light, especially considering it practically acts as armour for your phone. It's unobtrusive and sleekly designed, allowing you to transport and use your phone as easily as if there were nothing there at all.

    Unsurprisingly, the LifeProof Frē iPhone 5 case has consistently been called one of the best iPhone 5 accessories on the market, with iPhoneLife Magazine voting it one of 2012's best cases in their end of year 'Cream of the Crop' review. Certainly, with its multipurpose protection and slim, compact design, we'd go so far as to say the LifeProof Frē is not only one of the best waterproof iPhone 5 cases  out there, but simply one of the best iPhone 5 accessories, period.


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  • Folding USB Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger Kickstarter

    A new Kickstarter project aims to let you charge up your phone from a basically unlimited ressource – the sun. The Folding USB Solar Cell is an inexpensive, portable and universal cell phone battery charger with a straightforward USB power output.

    Unlike other USB chargers, this one actually uses solar power, which means it works great as a travel charger, home charger, and even a car charger.

    A solar-powered phone charger may be an obvious choice for outdoorsy types, and its applications for campers, hikers and other adventurers hardly need explaining. As this gadget's creators point out, the Folding USb Solar cell works great for urban settings as well:

    "Most people think of portable solar units as only being an 'outdoors' tool, used only for those who are living off the grid. But this just isn't so. Think about how many items in your life run off USB or can run off USB. These days it's not just your gadgets.

    'Use a suction cup to stick it to your window and charge up a gadget.  Plug in an AA-charger to charge up regular batteries from the sun, or the latest gaming device, or even a toy helicopter.  Keep it in your car in case of an emergency situation (like a hurricane maybe?), or for when the kids need some power during a long drive."

    And because USB chargers work with so many devices, this is one gadget that is truly universal. So it doesn't really matter whether you're looking for an iPhone 5 charger or a power source for some other device.

    And it's pretty effective too – at full sunlight, it can charge up an iPhone in about three hours.

    And if you need to recharge at night, that's no problem, since this travel USB charger also comes with a small Lithium power bank that stores power that isn't used during the day. The power bank features a 2600mAh battery, which is enough to get an iPhone 5 up to between 90% and 95%.

    It seems odd to us that a similar cell phone travel charger hasn't already been developed. True, there are solar options out there, but they're usually expensive, complicated or not all that portable. This USB charger, on the other hand, is practical and easy, with a design concept and execution that's simply clever.

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  • iSkin_Eartones_headphones_case_pink

    It's really nice when things just seem to go together. And no one knows that better than mobile accessories maker iSkin. The company is well known for its long and varied list of colorful phone cases and skins for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3.

    And, with their line of colorful earTones earbuds, iSkin's made it easy to color coordinate your headphones with your favorite iPhone or Galaxy carrying case.

    iSkin ETNEBE4 earTones Earbuds in Blue and White iSkin earTones Earbuds in Blue and White
    iSkin VBSSG3BE1 Vibes Case Galaxy S3 Blue iSkin Vibes Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 in Blue


    The earTones earbuds are mostly designed using a shade that perfectly matches one or more iSkin cases. For instance, their blue headphones are a perfect compliment to the fresh, sky blue of their Vibes case for Samsung Galaxy S3.

    And their pink and black earTones match up with quite a few of their pink cases, like the Solo Skin for iPhone 4/4S as well as their Vibes Case for BlackBerry Curve.

    iSkin earTones earbuds in Pink and Black iSkin earTones Earbuds in Pink and Black
    iSkin Solo Skin for iPhone 4/4S in Pink iSkin Solo Skin for iPhone 4/4S in Pink


    If purple's more your thing, they've got a color combo there too, with their earTones perfectly coordinated to match accessories like the Solo Case for iPhone 5 and  Vibes Cases for both the Galaxy S3 and the new BlackBerry Z10.

    iSkin ETNEPE5 earTones Earbuds Purple and White iSkin earTones Earbuds in Purple and White
    iSkin Solo Case iPhone 5 Purple iSkin Solo Case for iPhone 5 in Purple


    So, if you're the kind of person who'd never dream of leaving the house in mis-paired socks, and just has to match your shoes to your bag, you'll love iSkin's easy to coordinate line of colorful earTones earbuds as the perfect accent to your smartphone case.

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  • Griffin GB35671 Protector iPhone 5 Case Pink Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5 in Pink


    When you find true love, you've got to protect it, care for it, do the best you can by it, right? We're of course talking about our ongoing love affair with the iPhone 5. And, in honour of Valentine's Day, we're serving up some of the best pink and red protection  on the market –  Griffin's line of Protector iPhone 5 Cases.

    In sweet and hot Valentine's colours, like soft pink and racy red, Cupid would definitely approve. But more importantly, we approve, since Griffin is known for producing some of the most durable, effective and high-quality cell phone accessories available.

    Griffin GB35672 Protector iPhone Case 5 Red Griffin Protector Case for iPhone 5 in Red

    True to form, their Protector case is a rugged, thick silicone case that'll protect your iPhone 5 from shocks, bumps and jolts, while still maintaining a relatively slim form; Griffin says it's the thinnest case that's still tough enough to make it into their "armoured" line of protective carrying cases.

    Meanwhile the texture of the silicone gives you good grip, so your darling iPhone doesn't just go flying out of your hand at random. In this respect, we have to disagree with the old adage "if you love something set it free..." since iPhones rarely come back to you of their own accord. So it's probably best not to drop them in the first place.

    When it comes to gadget love, it's hard to think of a device we're more enamoured with than the iPhone 5. And when it comes to protection, it's hard to think of a better iPhone 5 case than Griffin's. Not to get overly romantic, but it's pretty clear that the two are made for each other. Sweet, isn't it?

    Happy Valentine's Day from the team at Pure Mobile!


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  • Pure mObile Valentine's day sale 20 percent off red pink mobile accessories

    Even if you're not a hopeless romantic, there's at least one reason to get excited about Valentine's Day this year. We at Pure Mobile are getting sweet on mobile accessories in a Valentine's Day Special that gives you 20% off a huge collection of red and pink accessories.

    Whether it's a gift for that special someone, or just a little mid-winter treat for yourself, we've got great deals on some of the best gear and gadgets around. From cases for iPhone, Samsung phones and BlackBerry, to sleeves and cases for MacBook and Tablets, and even some fun gadgets, you'll find a reason to love February 14.

    Incase CL57971 Terra Sleeve 11 inch Cream Red Incase's Terra Sleeve for MacBook Air 11 inch in Cream and Red

    Shopping for a lady of style? Incase's Terra Sleeve in cream and red is a is a sleek way to help her dress up her MacBook Air. Otherwise, appeal to her sense of style with a sweet Valentine's-theme phone case in a soft, romantic pink.

    BlackBerry Leather Folio Case in WHite and Pink BlackBerry Leather Folio Case with Hand Strap in White and Pink

    We like the pop of color in iLuv's pink Gelato case for Samsung Galaxy S3, but she may also appreciate the handbag look of the BlackBerry Leather Folio Case in pink and white – it even homes with a little wrist strap and interior mirror for date-night touch-ups.

    iLuv Gelato Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 in Pink iLuv Gelato Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 in Pink

    As a twist on the traditional Valentine's Day jewelry gift, why not give him something he's actually stoked to wear on his wrist this year? Lunatik's iPod Nano watch is a great gft for the guy on the go who likes to stay always connected. It's a seriously high-tech time piece for the truly modern man.

    Lunatik iPod Nan Watch in Red Lunatik iPod Nan Watch in Red

    And for the sophisticated professional woman, why not add a touch of luxury to her workday with a laptop bag that doubles as a beautiful leather briefcase? Toffee's red leather Briefcase for MacBook Air and MacBook conveys success, with a hot red Valentine's look.

    Toffee Leather Briefcase for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 inch Toffee Leather Briefcase for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 inch in Red

    Still haven't seen the perfect gift for your sweetheart? Don't worry. WIth over 80 great mobile accessories for him and her to choose from, you'll find something to sweeten the holiday. So, check out our Valentine's Day collection on the Pure Mobile shop and get 20% off when you enter the following coupon code upon checkout: Val013

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  • LG mobile Google Nexus 4 phone

    It's been an on-again, off-again relationship between Canada and Google's Nexus 4. But the device is officially back in stock for Canadians on Google Play, and cell phone accessoires maker Incipio hast you covered with their classic Feather carrying cases, this time specifically geared for this latest LG phone.

    As with models for other phones, the Feather for Nexus 4 is notably lightweight (hence the name), especially considering this isn't a silicone cover, but a hard-shell case made from a rigid polycarbonate material.

    Incipio Feather case for Google LG Nexus 4 in Black Incipio's Feather Case for LG nexus 4 in Black


    It's slim and won't add bulk to your new LG phone. But what it will do is protect it from daily wear and provide shock absorption should you (god forbid) drop your newest toy.

    With the Feather, Incipio has designed a sleek, minimalistic case that, for all intents and purposes, feels like it's barely there. Easy to slide on and off, it offers complete and unhindered access to all your ports and controls.

    Incipio feather Case for Google LG Nexus 4 in Blue Incipio's Feather Case for LG Nexus 4 in Blue


    Its look is equally streamlined and unfussy. Available in standard Black as well as more punchy colors, like bright blue and hot pink, it's easy on the eyes without going bananas with pattern or texture, which is in keeping with the simple design of the Nexus 4.

    WIth their Feather case for LG mobile's latest (and hottest) offering, Incipio has lived up to the standard they've set in the past with accessories for iphone and Android, where they've consistently shown themselves to be one of the best cell phone accessories makers out there.

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  • super water liquid repellant coating Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new and extremely water-repellant coating


    Protection from water and other liquids has been one of the biggest trends in cellphone and tablet accessories of late. Totally waterproof and airtight cases, like Lifeproof's, or the upcoming OtterBox Armor series for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III, are becoming increasingly popular. And even when the case itself isn't fit for a dunking, water-repellant screen and full body protectors are becoming the norm.

    But a new “superomniphobic” coating reported on by Gizmodo may completely change the face of waterproof mobile accessories. The substance is so-called because it goes beyond hydro-phobic, in that it doesn't just repel water but also repels any other liquid that it comes in contact with.

    Developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, the coating is made of an an electrospun cross-linked fiber mesh, which “prevents all liquids, whether they have high or low surface tensions, from passing through at any angle,” says Gizmodo. And, rather than allowing liquids to rest on the surface, the substance actually makes liquids roll off.

    The possible applications regarding the protection of mobile devices is pretty obvious. Rather than the full-body waterproof cell phone cases we know today, which usually lock around your device, imagine a clear, weightless and nearly invisible coating that would allow your iPhone to take a plunge and resurface no worse for wear.

    It may be that such a substance could completely erase the ened for screen protectors and cases, at least for the purpose of waterproofing. But, if they're smart accessories makers will put it to use in order to make their products that much more effective.

    Either way, we at Pure Mobile wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see this new superomniphobic super-coating find its way to your mobile accessories in some form other before too long. Check out the video below for more details.

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  • Bodyguardz screen protectors

    Your favorite celebrities have bodyguards to keep them safe. Shouldn't your favorite smartphone have one too? Well, it can, except this time it's BodyGuardz with "z." But this expansive line of high-quality, custom cut screen protectors offer more or less the same thing – total and almost unnoticeable protection at all times.

    This week's Pure Mobile accessory of the week, BodyGuardz confidently claims to be the best when it comes to screen protectors and full-body protectors, and there's a lot to support that.

    Bodyguardz apple iPhone 5 screen protector BodyGuardz screen protector for iPhone 5


    Their crystal clear and extra tough screen guards and other protectors are available for nearly every phone or tablet out there, from Apple products like the iPhone 5 or iPad, to BlackBerry and HTC phones, and Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3. And each is custom cut for a perfect fit with your device.

    BodyGuardz also has a huge variety of product models, so you can find the finish and level of protection you want. Their ScreenGuardz series alone comes in four different types, including anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, privacy, and classic clear.

    bodyguardz samsung galaxy s3 screen protector BodyGuardz screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S3


    For even more coverage, their Ultra-Tough Clear Skins offer totally clear full-body protection and have even been coated with an anti-microbial solution. They've also been specifically designed to make them easier to apply, so you don't get those annoying bubbles.

    BodyGuardz are also really reasonably priced. So, when you consider that these leading screen protectors are cheap, work like they're supposed to, come in tons of different styles, and are easy to find for whatever device you may use, it's pretty obvious why they claim to be the best. And that's why they're our pick for mobile accessory of the week.

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  • PureOrange NHL Montreal Canadiens case iPhone 5 Let everyone know which team you're rooting for with the NHL Montreal Canadiens iPhone 5 case


    If there's one thing we Canadians love, it's hockey. If there's another thing we love – at least these days – it's our mobile devices. And now, with the end of the NHL lockout and the return of our favorite game, Pure Mobile's offering up some awesome hockey themed cell phone accessories that'll help you flash your team spirit and maybe heat up some rivalries this season.

    First up is something that's sure to go over well with Montrealers. Basically a team jersey for your phone, the NHL-licensed Montreal Canadiens iPhone 5 carrying case decks out your favorite device in the Habs' home colors. Need we really say more?

    And if you're really a huge Canadiens fan, you can go the extra mile, with a team-branded phone strap, resplendent in red, blue and white and complete with team name across the strap, and dangly Habs and NHL logos.

    NHL Phone Dangler Boston Bruins Hockey NHL Boston Bruins Phone Dangler


    But if, instead, you happen to root for the Canadiens' arch rivals the Boston Bruins, you'll probably scoff at that idea. Don't worry though, because we've also got your Boston pride covered with a black and gold NHL dangler that'll dress up your phone with the Bruins' revered hub logo.

    NHL cell phone strap Vancouver Canucks NHL Vancouver Canucks Phone Strap


    But what if you're on Canada's West Coast? Well, Canuckleheads, we haven't forgotten you either. A cell phone accessory that takes your 'Nucks pride with you everywhere you go, you can deck your phone out with the official NHL Vancouver Canucks phone strap.

    In that glorious Vancouver blue and bearing team name and dangly Canucks logo, everyone will know which ocean you border on – and what team you're rooting for.

    A hockey-themed cell phone accessory is a great way to show allegiance to your favorite team, whenever and wherever. Whereas you can't wear your jersey to the office, your boss certainly won't mind seeing your mobile device adorned with a little team spirit. That is, unless he's rooting for the other guys.

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  • As much as we might love the new iPhone 5, most of us are still putting our older iPhones. In fact, some of our more popular accessories at Pure Mobile are actually iPhone 4S cases. And among them is this week's featured accessory –  the Reveal Orbit Case from best-selling brand Griffin.

    Griffin Reveal Orbit Case iPhone 4S black Griffin Reveal Orbit case for iPhone 4S in Smoke


    Made from durable and protective polycarbonate, the Reveal Orbit case features domed transparent "portholes" that reveal the device underneath and give the case an overall space-age look, hence the name.

    Griffin has a bit of fun with the concept, quipping that this "interplanetary" case "snaps onto your iPhone to protect the sides and back from dirt, dust, and micrometeors." Silly stuff, but nonetheless this is a great iPhone 4S case.

    Griffin Reveal Orbit Case iPhone 4S White Griffin Reveal Orbit iPhone Case for iPhone 4S in White


    TopTenReviews named it one of the 13 best iPhone 4S cases, and we put it high on the list as well, thanks to Griffin's signature quality and reliability, as well as the unique futuristic look of this particular model.

    As Griffin puts it, the Reveal Orbit iPhone 4S Case provides "a welcome bit of fun in the cold, hard vacuum of everyday life," not to mention the vacuum of an alien vessel's space dock.

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