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Sony PSP 2 Forthcoming Japan Announcement.

With all of the attention that has been placed on the upcoming “Playstation Phone,” which is actually known as the XPERIA Play, you would think that the PSP had faded into oblivion and would now be replaced by mobile devices that focused on gaming technology.

It looks as though those assumptions are not true. A number of sources have confirmed that unlocked Sony Ericsson will be announcing the latest installment of their PSP series on January 27th in Tokyo, Japan.

These sources have claimed that publisher first got wind of the upcoming announcement in late 2010, allowing them to prepare to put some titles together for the brand new system. The new PSP, the PSP 2, will probably receive a significant hardware boost over the first device, although no solid information has been released as to what those specs might entail. With the XPERIA Play performing poorly in its first frame rate tests, it too has been surrounded by rumors that it was going to be receiving a hardware upgrade. Some of Sony’s biggest third party game development companies are already reportedly hard at work on the upcoming device, so it will be interesting to see what kind of games it launches with.

There is also no new information regarding backwards compatibility with old PSP games, although you would assume that they would do everything in their power to allow users to seamlessly upgrade from one device to another. Sony is clearly putting a lot of focus on the mobile gaming industry with the PSP 2 and the XPERIA Play, but at this time neither has received an official announcement. It will be interesting to see how both devices are regarded by users and fans of the first PSP. The XPERIA Play will probably run on the Android operating system, although a version has not been specified.

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