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Simulation of another BlackBerry mobile is now doing the rounds on the internet

It has not even been a fortnight that the BlackBerry  Unlocked Torch 9800 was launched, and already RIM is ready to bring to the market, a new smart phone having the new operating system. BlackBerry’s 9670 Oxford Clamshell, has been seen previously seen in plenty of live shots before and now, developers who are registered have been given access to a device simulator which shows that a launch is not too far away and might be made available in the market much earlier than you thought. A quick glance through the qualities of the phone reveal a HVGA display, as also a lower resolution external display, a 5 MP camera, which is the standard for a BlackBerry now, 512 MB RAM, along with 4 GB of internal memory and the phone runs on OS 6.

From what has been revealed, the Unlocked Blackberry ( 9670 ) will be available only on CDMA and BlackBerry Torch that was released earlier in the month. The best business strategy would be to release it before the end of summer, after which the kids will be returning to their schools. The Mulroney-grade chin is very predominant in this model also, as it was in BlackBerry’s last flip model. However, the keyboard is very much in the mold of the Curve, and not like the Bold. The laying of the menu and other the other few keys are also very different. Though, it is not expected that the company will overhaul the hardware and hence, it can be ascertained that the simulator might have been made available much before and the designs represent what it might have looked like at that point of time. Overall, the latest offering from BlackBerry does not look too bad; however, one can only be sure when it is finally released.