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RIM succumb to pressure by India and follow the 31st August deadline

RIM remains in the limelight as the drama continues regarding The Blackberry cell phones. RIM succumbed to pressure by the government of India to access its data. Ministries and Govt officials of Saudi Arabia and UAE have clearly declared their intentions about Blackberry’s role in security matters. RIM responded by saying that they will discontinue to provide services to those countries, but in the end they had to succumb to the pressure in order to expand internationally.

India had given the Canadian company an ultimatum that stated if they don’t allow access to their services by 31st August their services will be terminated. This created immense pressure as India is one of the largest markets for cell phones with a population of nearly 1.2 billion.

According to a source RIM has assured that they will find out some solutions for enterprise mail and messenger by next week. The govt will then decide if it works.

The source who gave information on a condition that his name is not mentioned said that the govt will also express its concerns over internet telephony and will discuss these matters with companies like Skype.

It’s not only one company falling under the strict new guidelines; many Indian companies will also face it in order to import cell phones and other equipments.

The government of India has already made leading operators like Bharti Airtel, to abide by strict rules regarding import of equipments.

Chinese manufacturers like ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies have been banned temporarily, from transporting network equipment because spywares might be embedded.

So not only Blackberry, Skype and Google are facing the same trouble due to India’s concern over cyber security.