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Rogers and Fido Lengthen Promo Event

As per the one of the leading unlocked cell phone blog site, with all of the competition that has been centered around new monthly plans from all of the carriers, it is no surprise to see that Rogers is looking to extend the time they spend promoting their new plans. They continually are dropping the prices of their plans while adding value to them that the customers will appreciate.  A recent promotional plan by Rogers that was supposed to give early weekends and night time minute usage to their users was set to end on the sixth of January. Today, the company announced that they would be extending the length of their promotion indefinitely to keep up with current demands.

In response to the move by Rogers, Fido also expanded their promotion plans to keep up with the competitive demand precedent that has been put into place by Rogers. All competing Canadian companies have been slowly lowering the prices of their plans while continue to add features and value for their end users. This is a trend that you will likely see over the course of the next months with nearly every company in the market. By adding early evenings and weekends to their plans, Rogers has been able to garner a lot of media attention and bring new users on board. Although they originally stated that their plans would only be available for a week following the New Year, it looks as though this promotion will become a usual offering from the company - at least until they are forced to add more features or lower the price once again to compete with other carriers.

Apparently, the promotion went well enough for Rogers to extend it indefinitely. Soon, these companies could potentially run out of new features to add to their basic packages and still remain possible. It will be interesting to see which companies are able to innovate with their offerings to stay ahead of the rest of the competition.

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