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Nokia N900 smartphone with Maemo 5

Close on the heels of dumping Symbian, Nokia recently launched its N900 smartphone, which uses Linux-based Maemo 5 operating system. The phone was delayed in launch by about a week and the company had promised that the phone would be delivered on first-come-first-serve basis. It is notable that the Nokia N900 is the successor of N810.

Priced just over $500, N900 unlocked is a multi-tasking smartphone phone with 3D graphics acceleration. It has got Mozilla based web browser and a resistive touch screen. It comes installed with proximity sensor. Nokia prefers calling N900 a mobile computer because of its comprehensive computing features like multi-tasking, surfing, etc, however some people would consider it as a smartphone only, but it is just a matter of personal choice.

nokia-n900Since you can open multiple browsers, now surfing would be far more fun and easier, like it is with our computers. The full-screen display will make surfing and browsing even more comfortable. With 32 GB built-in storage, there is a lot more that can live and rest on your mobile itself. The storage can be expanded to 48 GB using a microSD card.

N900 has got a slide-out keypad, which has three rows. The 3.5 inch display is comfortable for watching videos and viewing photographs. Some people really love the prop up feature that allows for easy watching of movies and slideshows.

N900 has got 5MP camera, dual LED flash while the most important feature is the Linux based Maemo 5 operating system. However the launch was delayed, yet the Nokia lovers are leaving no stone unturned to grab the handset. You can purchase it from several websites online.

The handset is compatible with any GSM carrier. The third generation mobiles are definitely bringing a revolution in mobile technology, and Nokia does not want to be left behind in the race with other competitors fast approaching the arena.

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