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Nokia 1680: Quick Review

If you get what you pay for, you may be in for a mixed treat if you need elementary cell phone service, T-Mobile is your chosen provider, and you can go for the very basic Nokia 1680 Phone.


This basic candy bar-style phone comes with dual band GSM 850/1900, a 325-minute talk range, and a .3 pixel digital camera. It is not heavy (2.6 oz.) or thick (.6 in.); it can store up to a thousand names and numbers in its address book; and, it includes caller ID technology, voice recording, and speakerphone capability.

It is also text, picture, and instant message capable with accessibility to ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, and Windows Live instant messaging programs. In addition, it has sound, wallpaper, and voice download capability as well.

What most reviewers liked about the Nokia 1680 Unlocked Phone was its simplicity and its battery life most of all. The simplicity included a lack of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capability that reviewers said appeals to more users who fear hackers and do not need elaborate minicomputers as cell phone units. The unit’s light weight and attractive, understatedly elegant style also earned positive reviews.

What most reviewers disliked about the 1680 was its modest interface responsiveness and its menu structure; some writers felt the 1680’s menu was a little more difficult to assimilate than Nokia customarily offers. Those reviewers also complained about the phone’s keyboard, calling the buttons stiff and cramped and challenging for text messengers, though they were also quick to point out the keyboard’s backlighting is quite bright.

Where they seemed even more mixed was in the quality of the calls made on the 1680. Some reviewers said the call quality was passable with decent clarity, but others said the volume is low even with adjustments and static was too frequent an issue. One reviewer testing a 1680 complained that if the user moves the phone from the ear even just slightly, the sound level falls considerably enough.

The consensus seems to be that the 1680 is a good phone for those going on the cheap but that a few little nuisances tend to compromise the user experience.