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Nokia Listings: A Tool for Emerging Markets

Nokia Listings is the new application offering from the Nokia Beta Labs for the emerging markets. Still in its beta phase, this new app is designed specifically to connect consumers and sellers, targeting at the same time the huge job seeking population and prospective employers. It is also supposed to allow service providers to promote a product directly to users of this app.

A majority of job hiring and normal consumer based transactions, such as apartment rentals, within emerging markets occur through either a word-of-mouth system or via middlemen that charge a hefty service charge for their role in the transaction. Nokia Listings is an attempt to wipe out the function of the middlemen and allow the total benefits of the digital emerging marketplace to basic cell phone users. The best part of this service is the fact that it doesn’t necessarily need a GPRS or EDGE connection as most communication is done through a simple SMS system.

The ingenious system does not even require users to register as it can be pre-activated from the dealer. Furthermore each listing on this app is smartly geo-coded such that a user can easily access services located within close proximity to their location. The best function involved with the application is that once the listings are sent to you, you can either contact the person involved with the listing via calling or if you wish you can simply forward the listing to a friend.

The beta period of this app has resulted in the services related to Nokia Listings being made available to only select regions of India. However the good news is that a full release is expected any time soon now. The possibilities this application produces are endless and a successful run for this service may well result in a world changing effect. Here’s looking forward to Nokia Listings on your phone.