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The word is finally out on the streets that the new Blackberry will be handled by Telus

The brand new Unlocked Blackberry Curve 9300 3G, which is capable of running the OS 6, have already been marketed by Rogers and Bell. Now it is time for Telus, a national telecommunication company in Canada, to launch the Blackberry 9300. Telus is famous of providing a vast range of communication products which includes voice, Internet protocol, entertainment, data, video etc. The features of this phone are not, at least, extraordinary. It includes display of QVGA along with 3G, Wi-Fi, a photo snapper of 2 megapixels, and a memory slot of 256 MB. These were also the features of the last Blackberry product, Curve 8530. But there lays a difference from the Curve 8530, which is it can run the OS 6. Pearl 9100, Bold 9650, and Unlocked Bold 9700 – these three models also are capable of running the OS 6.

Torch 9800 from Blackberry introduced the OS 6 in the market and no doubt, it is technologically much more advanced than the new  Unlocked Curve 3G 9300. It takes us by surprise that Telus decided the market value of this model to be 199USD on a contract of three years. In comparison with the Blackberry 6, it is too high a market price for the Curve 3G. The HPSA roaming, introduced by Blackberry 6, received a good response from the audience. It is difficult to understand why Telus sets 199USD for Curve 3G while the Blackberry 3G costs 175USD. Moreover Bold 9700 which is much more admirable than the Curve 3G costs $100 only. Moving on to the prices set by Rogers and Bell, Bell sets the market price of 49.95USD and Roger is offering it for 79.99USD.

If you are already convinced to have a Curve 3G 9300, you will have to go to the online store of Telus.