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New Samsung mobile phone starts to make waves in Korea

SHW-A250 is another cell phone by Samsung made only for Korea. Resembling the full touch  screen Corby, it has a 2.8 inch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, 2 megapixel camera, a micro SD card  slot and media player. On top of this, it also has the country wise differing features such as maps, TV receiver, and SOS function.

The A250 will be sold by Korea’s top two operators, KT and SK Telecom. While SK Telecom will be offering the Black and White versions, KT will also sell the brown and pink versions. The Price will be around $423 which is about 50,000 won; presumably it is the contract free price.

Again, it’s neither a thing that the people residing in the West would be able to get their hands on nor something that they need. If Unlocked Samsung (A250) sounds good, it’s better to grab the original Corby, it is essentially the same device barring the mobile TV facility and subway maps which is unlikely to be used anyways. This is a huge move for Samsung as Korea is a high consumer of electronic goods specially handsets and given The Corby’s track records in other countries Samsung should have high expectations from SHW-A250.

The Samsung groups headquarter is situated in Seoul, South Korea and it is South Korea’s largest chaebol or business conglomerate and world’s largest conglomerate in terms of revenue thus the launching of the new phone in Korea does sound like the beginning of another success story.