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Review of the Mozilla Firefox Mobile Browser

Firefox Mobile gets one step closer to release as the increase of operating systems continues to be developed.

This browser will be intended to be compatible with as many of these operating systems as possible, with the unlocked Nokia phones Maemo and Android being the most popular systems to use the new mobile browser.

Other mobiles and PDAs will be able to use the mobile browser, and Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X versions are also available.

The Firefox Mobile has been a long and relatively difficult system to progress and develop, especially in the market where mobile browsers are becoming increasingly efficient and sought after. It is a competitive market, but the Firefox Mobile is making inroads that a year ago consumers would have been surprised with. The latest release has indeed gained positive reviews already, especially with Nokia N900 unlocked users, and has offered more than was previously expected. Among its developments are the new touchscreen methods increasing the user-friendly aspect on new phones.

They have made a statement by using the Gecko 1.9.2 engine to power the browser, the Gecko being the same engine used on the soon to be released Firefox 3.6.

The grand strides it has made both in credibility and reliability has ensured that the Firefox Mobile gets one step closer to release without so much anxiety for the president of Mozilla Europe, Tristan Nitot. Although, he has already stated that it is too early to release a version of the Firefox Mobile on the hugely popular mobiles BlackBerry or the iPhone.

Though this is a possible negative aspect for the Firefox Mobile, it nevertheless leaves it a junction where it has surprised consumers and rivals alike and can hold credibility in its own right. The future within the most popular mobile phones is a target for the upcoming year after what we can assume will be a successful release.