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The Motorola Milestone Review

The Motorola Milestone, also known as the Droid in the United States, has whipped up a frenzy of new sales since its release the beginning of November. Running Google's latest released Android program, the phone is already making some people wonder if there is finally a new phone to rival the IPhone.

motorola-milestone new

The Android software installed on the Milestone enables applications to run in the background, and helps you to stay in constant touch with friends via Facebook and Twitter updates. Now, rather than looking in the message section for text messages and another location for chat messages, all emails, chats and text messages are filed under the contact name, which makes it very easy to see all of your communications with one person at a glance.

Weighing in at 165 gm, the Motorola Milestone Unlocked Phone is not light by any means. The Milestone's touch screen is 3.7 inches, slightly larger than the comparable IPhone, which is equipped with an accelerometer sensor that rotates depending on which way the phone is held. It also has a proximity sensor that disables the screen entirely when you are receiving a phone call. It includes a slide out Qwerty keyboard, which is better to use than a standard phone keypad but of course not as easy to use as a keyboard on a mini-laptop, for example. Five way navigation keys on the board make web browsing very easy. Other features include a five megapixel camera as well as options for video recording. Neither is as professional as using a standalone camera or video camera, but they do give you quite good resolution pictures and video. It also has full Bluetooth support, or you can connect to your computer via a USB connector and data cable.

The Motorola Milestone ships with an 8GB memory card, which is upgradable up to 32GB. The onboard media player plays a variety of files including MP3 and WMA audio files, nd MP4 and WMV video files. It does not yet support XviD or DivX although applications are continually being added to those that already run on Android devices and it is probably only a matter of time before support for DivX is added.