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Moshi Accessories: Product Overview

Anyone who buys Moshi accessories can now be sure that they will “always be heard” no matter where they are thanks to their line of high-end electronic devices made to literally listen to what consumers have to say. This is accomplished by using the company’s unique voice control technology, which combines Phonetic Speaker Independent (SI) Recognition Software with Neural Net, and Hidden Markvoc Modeling ( HMM) so that everyone, regardless of age or physical capability can operate their electronic products by using only their voices without any special training or set-up programming required.

In fact, the company invested three years of research by recording all the different speech and vocal patterns spoken throughout the United States in order to enable all their electronic devices to recognize and respond to a vast array of voice recognition commands without having to modify them according to the different regions where they are sold and used.

Moshi iPhone accessories innovative products include their line of alarm clocks which allow their owners to interface with them directly in order to set the time, as well as choose from a variety of programmable sounds that not only help lull them to sleep, but wake you up with less stress. By simply stating their request to the clocks, people can now tune into the type of music they want to listen to from either an am/fm radio or even their iPod loaded onto the special port. In addition, consumers will soon be able to access the latest weather or traffic reports by asking their clocks Moshi’s latest line of voice-activated apps.

Additional accessories planned for release in the near future include wireless adapters that will allow users to turn on your lights without ever having to raise their heads from their pillows or leave the comfort of their beds.