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Mobile accessory of the week: The beautiful logic of Be.ez

It shouldn't take a genius to know that, in designing a travel case or bag for mobile devices, function comes first. But it does take a special kind of talent to reconcile form and function, beauty and logic.

And that's exactly what you'll get from Be.ez. The maker of smartphone cases, tablet and laptop sleeves, and convenient travel bags stands out for its ability to balance aesthetics and functionality; Models like the LA Besace Classic bag for MacBook Pro, and LE Reporter for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are a testament to that

Available in versatile neutrals – liek black and grey – with just the right amount of eye-popping color for accents (we like their safran yellow touches, Be.ez travel bags and cases are not only sleek and modern in their design, but also practical down to the last detail.

Canvass exteriors are cleverly waterproofed for all weather protection, heavy-duty nylon straps are padded for comfort when you're toting heavy devices, and pockets and organizers abound – on the sides, back, front flaps and inside.

So, you'll find plenty of places to stash files, CDs, pens, cash, passport, valuables, and additional gadgets.

Of course, your laptop gets special attention from a Be.ez bag. While the messenger style LE Reporter boasts a tailor made inner compartment with elastic strap for an extra secure fit, the LA Besace Classic features a shell-like build for ultimate protection.

The result of all this hard work and planning is that you don't have to worry at all. You can get up and go at ay time knowing that everything's in its place and that your device is well protected. It's that simple.

But we shouldn't really be surprised at that, especially coming from a company that based its name on one simple philosophy: "be easy."