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Leaked glimpses of a new BlackBerry 10 all-touch device

Could this be the new BlackBerry 10 all-touch device?


For anyone who's been waiting with baited breath for the new BlackBerry 10 operating system – and a device to go with it – don't worry, your patience will probably pay off soon. And in the meantime, there are some juicy glimpses at BlackBerry's possible future to tide you over.

The Canadian smartphone maker's new L-Series phone has been much rumored, and new leaks have indicated that we're closer than ever to Blackberry's first all-touch device.

MobileSyrup recently got their hands on a leaked image of what may be the new device – a keypad-less phone that looks a lot like the BlackBerry Dev Alpha device shown off by RIM CEO Thorsten Heins at the company's BlackBerry World 2012 event earlier this year.

MobileSyrup noted the leaked phone looks a lot like the keypad-less Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device


BlackBerry 10 is expected to launch in early 2013, but the image, says MobileSyrup, is "just another glorious pic of what we can expect to see in a few months," adding "the other device that RIM will be releasing is a QWERTY/touch that will reportedly launch between 6-8 weeks later.

Meanwhile, a Spanish language video surfaced on Vimeo that seems to unintentionally out the new handset. And though it's been taken down since, someone had the good sense to repost it to YouTube in time. You can view it below.

Again, it's important to remember that no one can really confirm whether the leaked images and video show the final BlackBerry 10 smartphone, but at least it gives us BlackBerry fans something to chew on while we count down the days to the BB10 launch.