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Latest trend: Lego iPhone cases

smallworks Lego brickcase iphone mashable Everyone was geeking out over Smallworks' Lego BrickCase for iPhone at CES 2013. Image courtesy of Mashable.


If you followed this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with any attention, you've probably noticed the new trend in iPhone cases – Lego.

That's right. Judging by the reception of the latest offerings from Smallworks at CES 2013, The brightly colored plastic building blocks of your childhood are shaping up to be the cool new thing in new iPhone cases.

Of the 13 cases named on Mashable's list of "coolest iPhone and iPad cases from CES, three were variations of Smallworks' Lego BrickCase, a cover that comes with a textured Lego backing that you can build on and around.

Some of the creations are pretty ridiculous, like the T-Rex and Fighter Jet models, which are a little more than clunky. But it seems people are having fun with the idea nonetheless.

Smallworks Lego BrickCase iPhone case Mashable CES Not exactly slim or compact, the T-Rex Lego BrickCase for iPhone from Smallworks


Nor is Smallworks the only accessories maker to have come out with a lego-themed design. Belkin has their own variation, while a number of copycats are producing silicone iphone cases that have the look of Lego without necessarily being functional or compatible with the building toy.

We'll still take a slim and practical iPhone case that fits in your pocket any day. After all, some of the more elaborate Lego cases practically triple the size of your iPhone, and we all know how brittle those little plastic pieces are. But for anyone who's into novelty phone cases, or for the serious Lego collector, they're a fun if not totally useable cell phone accessory.

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