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WebOS 2.0 has now been seen on another device

The statistics of the usage of an application that is very popular on Foursquare and available for the Unlocked Palm Pre cell phone and Pixi revealed the existence of an unknown device that has the code name of ‘Roadrunner’ and with webOS 2.0. The developer of the application, Zhephree, found only one a solitary entry from this unknown ‘Roadrunner’ device, and also a new column for the webOS 2.0 as there was research going on about the rate of adoption of the webOS version 1.4.5.

Clear and concrete details have not been found about the device, but according to experts, it is most likely to be a phone. A new screen resolution entry was, however, not generated by the device, which makes it easier for experts to understand that the device has a resolution that is similar to the resolution of those devices that are already in existence now. But it must be remembered that the resolutions of the Pre and Pixi have no compatibility whatsoever with that of a tablet. However intriguing this discovery of the ‘Roadrunner’ might be, it has been pointed out by the developer that the Foursquare code is a very open source and anyone can hack in to change the user agent string that the metrics tool for his application is presented with. But this process is very complex and there is no feasible reason to waste time by hacking into the Foursquare application in spite of the presence of other easily accessible targets.

The possibility of an emulator generating the entry can also not be ruled out. Another possibility might be the fact that a prototype of the webOS 2.0 phone might be undergoing tests conducted by an employee of who might also be a Foursquare user. HP/Palm had promised new hardware recently and it is possible that this was the first glimpse of a webOS 2.0 in action.