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iPhone To Sell Pass 70 Million sales in 2011

With the looming release of the hugely popular iPhone device on the Verizon network, it is no secret that the unlocked iPhone 4 will sell a whole lot of copies in 2011, but who would have guessed that it could pass 70 million sales in total. In a recent prediction from RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Mike Abramsky, he changed his predictions for Apple’s stock this year, saying that it would rise to $395, when his previous prediction had sat at $365.

RBC also made a number of changes to their speculated revenue estimates saying that their new product launches would take Apple’s revenue all the way up to $90.8 billion in 2011, and put them over the $100 billion mark in 2012.

In the second quarter alone, RBC stated that they think that Apple will sell more than 3 million iPhones on the Verizon network. That would bring the total number of iPhone sales up to 10 million this year and would show that the demand for the phone is still extremely high, especially with the iPhone-deprived Verizon users. The device has long been rumored to be on its way to Verizon, but the process has been stalled by network issues and their exclusivity deal with AT&T.

It looks as though the iPhone 4 unlocked will remain as ridiculously popular as it always had and will continue to sell very well, especially with the expansion to a new network this year. RBC also stated that there is a huge for the next version of the iPhone, which will be the fifth generation of the device, despite the fact that the iPhone 4 is still relatively new and has been hard to keep on the shelves since it was first release. Apple will sell 19% of the global estimated smartphone market this year if they are able to sell 70 million iPhone devices. That would be a huge number and would be the most that they have sold without any new launches as far as generations go.