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HTC Leak - Phones To Look Out For In 2010

The last time there was a leak about HTC roadmap, it materialized completely in just a few months –to the delight of many unlocked HTC Smartphone fans. Just a few days ago, there is yet another leak and it will pay if you pay attention to this one as well. According to the leak, there will be five android handsets to be launched next year –what month it will be released, we do not know but this news is something rather interesting.

HTC – a Taiwanese company will release the 2010 HTC cell phone roadmap in first or second quarter of next year. The launch will not only have 5 android phones but it will also be releasing 3 Windows Mobile (WinMo) handsets. It is a bit strange though that there is no mention whatsoever of HTC’s Espresso.


What phones will be released?

HTC Legend an android phone has a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen (HGVA resolution). The HTC Legend is not the official name that is just the code. The phone’s key features include GPS, Wi-FI a 5 megapixel snapper, 3G capability with HSPA connectivity. This phone will also have an FM radio and USB support.

The Salsa another android from HTC will come with a QVGA touchscreen along with a 3-megapixel cam. The said phone also has GPS and Wi-Fi onboard along with an audio jack (3.5mm), microSD card slot and an FM radio. It will even sport a QWERTY keyboard.

HTC Bravo under the performance category has a huge AMOLED display and has the capability of recording video in HD! This phone will be HTC’s multimedia flagship for 2010 and it is something to be hot-in-the-collar for. Of course, it has GPS and Wi-Fi along with DivX support, 256 MB RAM, USB support and an FM radio.

HTC Tide another android will be out soon as well and this one is for people who love social networking sites. HTC’s Buzz on the other hand will win your heart with a customizable rear panel much like HTC’s Tattoo.