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Rogers to Offer HTC Dream Owners Help

Rogers to offer HTC cell phones (DREAM) owners a limited time promotional upgrade to the Magic? This is the news that was announced in the Android forums by a Representative from Rogers Wireless. The news is quite exciting for those owners of the HTC Dream phones because of a previous announcement by Rogers caused a lot of disappointment to them. The previous announcement stated that there would not be an upgrade in the Android operating system software above version 1.5. The company claims this is due to not enough memory being available in the device to be able to handle an android upgrade.

HTC phones has agreed to upgrade the Magic phone model to version 2.1 of the Android mobile operating system. It didn't take long for Rogers customers to get wind of this news and they were very excited about the upgrade. Owners of the dream received disappointing news because they found out that their devices were not capable of being upgraded. Rogers as a company knew they were going to need to do something to help make these customers happy so they came up with a solution internally to allow current owners of the dream to receive a limited time upgrade to the HTC Magic.

Exact details of the promotional offer have not been revealed yet by Rogers. The rep that posted in the android forums stated that they were still ironing out the details of the promotion and that the promotion was not yet available. This is going to be a great opportunity for customers to upgrade to higher end phone for what is most likely going to be a great deal. If this news affects you, then you will want to pay close attention over the next few weeks to what Roger’s has to say so you do not miss out on the promotion opportunity.