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Google Nexus One: Review & Features

Google Nexus One is the search engine giant, Google's new baby. The very first Google phone was spotted in the wild just recently and this rather nifty handset ala android is just awesome. Google Nexus One may look like HTC's passion but the mere fact that it is produced by Google is something of an innovation on its own. Nobody predicted that Google will be releasing an android. In fact, no one dreamed of Google having its own communication gadgets department.

Google Nexus One is a beautifully made phone with a wide screen that every Smartphone addict will enjoy. The phone was launched by the Search Engine giant last January 5th and is sold at Google, of course. According to the grapevine, Google Nexus One will be available at T-Mobile soon. Now that is good news for T-Mobile users.

Running on a super powerful Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon chip, this android also has high-resolution along with an OLED touchscreen making navigation an easy and fun task.

Google Nexus One or more popularly known as Nexus One is thinner if compared to the iPhone. Thinness is not the issue however but it adds to its style. Performance is always the number factor in a cell phone's success in the market. Google Nexus One has two microphones, one in the back to eliminate background noise and the one in the front that is utilized by the user. It does not have a keyboard but it does have a cam, which is a bit too large for a cell phone cam but works well nonetheless.

If you do not like working with the large touchscreen, you can opt to use the voice to text feature of Google's Nexus One. It is like having your own secretary because you can dictate emails and even notes while you speak directly into your Google Nexus One.