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Dokobots Game Utilizes GPS for iOS

On the surface, Dokobots looks like a foursquare copy-cat, but if you delve deeper into its features, you will notice that there is a bit more than you might initially have imagined. Dokobots uses a similar system of geo-location to show you where some of the iOS unlocked iphone 4 users in your area are located.

Instead of just working as a social app, Dokobots is more of a global scavenger hunt. It allows you to scan the map in your area, looking for items that allow you to charge up your robot character and even repair if you have been injured. When you scan, the map will show you where all of your bonuses and items are located. Of course, it may require that you drive or walk half a mile to get the item, but it certainly is an interesting little game that could be fun to play but could result in some awkward moments if you and another player show up at the same time for the same battery.

Although it remains to be seen if Dokobots will be a successful launch, it is still an interesting game that can bring you into touch in real life with some of the people that you are playing with through your mobile device. Although the chances of people being willing to walk long distances for items are slim, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick some items up as you move from one location to another or as you are on your way somewhere else. The game is currently free in the Apple App Store and you can bet that there will be quite a few players in larger cities in the beginning as a result of all of the attention that Dokobots has received since it was first release by the mobile media.

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