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Smart phone Thunder can now been plainly seen on the Internet

Dell, entering the competitive world of smartphones, was something that everyone dreamed of and it seems as if their dreams are about to come true, and that too in a big away not too far in the future. The company is planning the release of a Windows Phone 7 handset and a leak few months back revealed the company’s plans of launching a few devices that will be powered by Android. It seems like the competition to get us to but smart phones just got even hotter.

The Dell Thunder is supposedly going to have a 4.1 inch OLED screen, but after HTC’s recent enforced change to Sony’s Super LCD because Samsung was not being able to cope with the demands for OLED screens, we can never be too sure until it is actually launched. The Thunder is also going to have an 8 MP camera that will have the capacity to shoot 720p videos, on the lines of the Droid X from Motorola, the Unlocked iPhone4 and almost all the new smart phones that are being launched in the market.

The model that was leaked was seen to be running the Android 2.1 but the actual release will probably have the Froyo or the Android 2.2, it was revealed by a source close to the company. However, when it will be launched and how much it will cost was not revealed.

However, with the lack of production of the Dell Aero which was released in March raises the question if Dell will actually be able to meet the demands if it does actually launch the phone into the market. The company has won over many hearts with its PC’s and laptops, but people and experts are already very skeptical about the long term success of the company in this market.