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Author Archives: Pure Mobile

Moshi VersaCover for iPad
  • iPhone 6 PLUS just announced
    Posted on September 9, 2014 by Pure Mobile

    iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Revealed!

    Check out the newest images and specifications released at Apple's big launch:


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  • iPhone 6: Satisfy you Curiosity!
    Posted on August 27, 2014 by Pure Mobile

    The iPhone 6 is almost here! The new Apple device that is rumored to launch on September 9th has everyone excited and full of questions. Is your anticipation getting the best of you while during the wait?

    Let us share some insider secrets with you to make the wait just a bit more bearable. Here is what has been speculated:

    1) Larger Display

    One of the most eagerly awaited for upgrades for  iPhone users has been a larger display, especially with competing brands such as HTC and Samsung having already offered devices with larger displays for quite some time. The time has come, and the Apple will finally grant its users their wish with an upgrade from a 4 inch display to a 4.7 inch screen. It is even rumored that Apple will take this screen upgrade one step further, and create a phablet 5.5 inch version of the device.

    2) Greater Durability

    Apple will be the first phone company to create a front panel constructed completely from sapphire crystal instead of the gorilla glass material typically used for phones. This material will allow the iPhone 6 to offer a crystal clear display (literally) and higher quality color than any other phone on the market. Most interesting though, is the fact that the glass is pretty much indestructible, and basically scratch and shatter proof...don't believe us? Take a look for yourself!

    3) More Storage Space

    The iPhone 6 is rumored to have double the storage of its predecessor, the 5S, hence 128 GB of storage space available for all your music, photos and more.

    4) Improved Aesthetics

    Everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing phone right? Well iPhone 6 is rumored to deliver in this area, with an apparent thinner structure and a new array of finishes and colors to please every taste.

    Although there are a few areas of concern, such as how the battery capacity (which it appears will not be modified) will fare with this upgraded version of the phone, and the elevated costs that will likely occur from the sapphire screen usage, it does look like overall the iPhone 6 will definitely not disappoint!  It seems that Apple has created an extremely consumer oriented device that it will give in to its users' main demands over the years: larger displays and more durability.

    Excited? We definitely are, and because we've got accessories covered, we cannot wait to offer you a whole new string of unique and stylish accessories to make sure that your iPhone 6 is ready and right on trend! Let us leave you with one more suggestion, if you really want to stand out this fall, check out the new Uncommon brand which is soon to be launched by Puremobile.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G has arrived in a full blaze of glory with lightening and thunder in the background for some additional sound effects. This new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G is blazingly and brightly equipped with the latest and greatest technology including the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 silicon with two Scorpion cores and is clocked at amazing 1.5GHz per minute. It also features a 42 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA support, an Android OS v2.3.6 with TouchWiz 4 launcher, 1.5 GHz Scorpion dual-core CPU, Adreno 220 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 chipset, 1GB of RAM and 5MP auto-focus camera with LED flash, 720p  video recording; 1.3MP front-facing unit. Needless to say the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Accessories are just as blazingly beautiful.

    Accessorizing the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

    1)      The Samsung Espresso 7.0 Book Cover is a cover of perfection for your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. This Samsung Espresso Book Cover features a thin design, durability and duality cover of protection and it also converts into a horizontal smartphone stand. The Samsung Flip Cover Galaxy is available in an out of this world blue or an off this world white. The Samsung Flip Cover promises the utmost protection for your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze with features such as the protection of your display screen to the back while providing access to phone features and ports on the front side.

    2)      The Samsung Captivate Battery is another out of this world addition to your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Smartphone accessory collection. The Samsung Captivate Battery is a lithium ion based battery that promises you the best and brightest performance ever. Lithium Ion Batteries are specifically designed for use by Samsung Smartphones to deliver the most reliable and long lasting battery power.

    3)      The Samsung Galaxy Note Optional S Pen is another optional accessory stylus pen for your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. The Samsung Galaxy Note Optional S Pen fits snugly into its bottom panel hiding space of your smartphone and can be used in a variety of applications. The Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen is particularly useful when it used in situations where perfection and precision is necessary.  The Samsung Galaxy Note Optional S Pen is conveniently and comfortably equipped with a shift button that enables other useful functions such as snatching a screen shot, for digital text input or for moving images around on your screen.

    4)      The Samsung Galaxy Note Desk Top Dock is desktop charger that is meant to be utilized with your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. The Samsung Galaxy Note Desk Top Dock features include turning your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone into the perfect multimedia device that can become a desktop movie screen, music system or even a computer game console. The Samsung Galaxy Note Desk Top Dock is the multitasking users best friend and it even allows for hands free chatting on your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Smartphone.

    Accessorizing the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

    5)      The Samsung Micro USB Data Cable is compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Smartphone. The Samsung Micro USB Data Cable allows you to connect your Samsung Smartphone to your computer by allowing your Samsung Smartphone to become an external modem. The Samsung Micro USB Data Cable also allows you to conveniently charge your Samsung Smartphone through your external computer modem.

    6)      The Samsung Universal HDTV Adapter can convert your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Micro USB port into a standard HDMI output for playing back HD videos on a compatible TV. The Samsung Universal HDTV Adapter allows its Micro USB input to your Samsung Smartphone while the output is still in use. The Samsung Universal HDTV Adapter  also allows you to stream, stored and recorded content through your Samsung Smartphone onto your HDMI output and onto your television screen.

    7)      The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Vehicle Navigation Mount allows you to take your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze with on your on the go and on the road. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Vehicle Navigation Mount is specifically designed with a custom fitted cradle holds the handset securely during long car rides. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Navigation Mount can be used by simply attaching the mount to your vehicle windshield or dashboard and even allows you to adjust the multied angle neck for perfect viewing. Yes, its also perfect for the navigation features on your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze.

    8)      The Samsung Battery Charging System is perfectly compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze, and the Samsung Exhilarate that allows exploring your potential capabilities of your Samsung Handset. The Samsung Spare Battery Charging System includes a standard 1750 mAh battery and allows your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Smartphone to fit snugly or stand at an optimal viewing angel for your smartphone usage weather you are watching a movie or surfing the internet. The Samsung Spare Battery Charging System always has your smartphone ready and waiting for your time.

    9)      The Samsung Protective Cover S3 is available in a Powdered Pink or a Beautiful Blue and is a perfect fit for your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Smartphone. The Samsung Protective Cover S3 features an ultra slim size, a transparent design and even easy access to your camera, volume, power and charging slot buttons.

    Accessorizing the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

    10)  The Avantronics Jogger Bluetooth Stereo Headset is designed for uses with many smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. The Avantronics Jogger Bluetooth Stereo Headset features an ever stylish design, water resistance for indoor or outdoor use, a high quality sound system that allows for stereo surround sound and clear crystal communication. The device also features long lasting music time of up to eight hours and long lasting talk time up to nine hours. Some other functions includes an on/off switch, an answer and end call button, it also includes call waiting, redial and even voice dialing. The Avantronics Jogger Bluetooth Stereo Headset also features the ability to transfer phone calls between your smartphone and your headset, to also transfer calls between music and smartphone conversations and can be easily paired with up to seven different mobile devices.

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  • Ten Novels Way to Use a Smartphone (Excluding Talking and Texting)

    A newly released Nielsen study that the average smartphone user such as iPhone 4S, HTC One S, Galaxy S3, etc..spends more than two hours a day utilizing their smartphone. During those daily two hours or more a day utilizing your touchscreen include an average of twenty five minutes surfing the internet, seventeen minutes utilizing social media applications such as Twitter or Facebook, thirteen minutes is spent playing games and finally sixteen minutes is spend listening to music. Actually making a smartphone phone call is on the fifth most popular use of your smartphone, only slightly more time than then eleven minutes spent texting and ten minutes spend checking email. Humor and creative uses for your Smartphone go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly or pickles and ice cream (for a pregnant woman). More than ever many individuals are utilizing their smartphones for creative and novel uses other than the traditional text, talking and checking email. Here's a list of some of the Smartphone's more novel and creative uses:

    1)      One of the most creative uses of your smartphone is to either mail a letter or a postcard while your on vacation all from the comfort of your own smartphone. The Postcard on the Run Android Applications allows you to take a snapshot and have it transformed into a genuine postcard that can be mailed to your receipt of your via the snail mail system also known as the United States Postal Service. This Android Application also allows you to add a personal message on the card, the Android application is free but is does cost $0.99 to $1.69 U.S. per postcard, depending on the chosen destination you want it sent to.

    2)      Your smartphone such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, etc.. also enables the ability for you to start your vehicle remotely with Viper's SmartStart Android Applications. Most commonly a typical remote starter can only start your vehicle if your within a certain distance, however with Viper's SmartStart you can start your vehicle from anywhere you have an internet access connection. However, the Viper's SmartStart Android Application is a pricy piece of technology that ranges from $299-$599. The Viper's SmartStart Application is compatible with OS, Android and Blackberry Operating Systems and Devices. This application is perfect for you especially if you find the convenience of a Smartphone starting your vehicle is certainly more intriguing than a plain old lock and key connection.

    3)      In the olden days or well at least not that long ago, the human heart rate was commonly measured by pressing two fingers against your neck, counting the number of beats and timing those beats via a wristwatch. Nowadays you don't need a wristwatch or two fingers pressed against your neck, you can simply use your smart phone’s Instant Heartrate Application. The Instant Heartrate Application allows you to touch the screen with your finger and your smartphone camera  to can your blood flow to calculate your pulse rate.

    Ten Novels Way to Use a Smartphone (Excluding Talking and Texting)

    4)      How often are you forgetting a name or the word of a very familiar object thats on the tip of your tongue but you just can't remember? Well know with the camera click of your smartphone you can simply take a picture of the object and then upload it to the internet via Google Goggles.   Google Goggles will then match your photo against the search engine’s database to make a quick ID. However, a quick warning the application has not been human test yet.

    5)      Your Smartphone such as Apple's iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, etc.. now allows to simply pull a Karoke Party right out of your pants pocket or at least with your smartphone. Karafun (short for Karoke Fun) is the life of any pocket or smartphone party for just $9.99/month you can access any of the 9,000 songs in an constant-growing online collection of country music, R&B, oldies, Pop, Swing, or even some old ragtime Jazz. If your smartphone screen isn't big enough, you can simply wire it up to your big-screen TV for a bigger party crowd.

    6)      For those regular Starbucks Coffee drinkers you can now pay for your daily latte, espresso or good ol' cup of Joe via your Smartphone. It's not a simple smartphone point and click, you'll need to upload your Starbucks Coffee Card onto your Smartphone (sigh, yes you're still using your own money to pay). But this application is perfect for those caffeine deprived Monday mornings when you can't remember where you put your wallet or your change.

    7)      No one likes to get a speeding ticket and the good news is there is now a Smartphone Application for avoiding those pesky police speed traps on your Samsung smartphone. Trapster utilizes information gleamed and gleaned from its many users of this ever popular application. Trapster maintains a a massive database of known police enforcement points all over the United States and even in other countries around the world. Although it's recommended that your don't attempt and utilize this application while behind the wheel of your car as you don't need to earn a ticket for distracted driving.

    8)      Another novel way to utilize your smartphone is for storing business cards in a personalized smartphone database. For many businesses a business card seems so over used and under utilized yet businesses still keep handing business cards out. Now with CardMunch you can you can instantly digitize them using your smartphone’s camera via the ever popular networking website Linkedin.

    9)      If your seeking proof that your husband or wife snores, now you'll have all the proof you need with Night Recorder. The Night Recorder Application allows you to use your iPhone as a recording device set in standby mode and begins recording when it detects noise of any sort. However, be prepared to learn that you to learn that you're a registered snorer too.

    10)  Mobile Mouse Pro allows you  to control your computer using your smartphone as a remote mouse and keyboard. This application uses an accelerometer in your phone so you can wave it in the air and move the mouse pointer on your computer screen. However, an important note to mention is that you'll need to to install special client software on your computer.

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  • Accessorizing the HTC One X Smartphone

    The HTC One X Smartphone was released on May 6, 2012 and can certainly be considered a of a kind Android phone in the United States at the minimal cost. The HTC One X is considered to be top of the line for  the Android Smartphone collection because of its full suite of specs users like to see. The HTC One X has been described as a “superphone”ed by many of its users because it includes a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 4.7 inches of 720p Super LCD 2 non-PenTile gorgeousness. The HTC One X also includes includes Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense 4.0 on top, 8MP rear camera with f/2.0 lens and 1080p HD video. The HTC One X is considered to be top of the line for the Android Smartphone collection and if its considered top of the line and its HTC One X accessories should be considered no less the expectation either.

    1)      The HTC One X Smartphone has a beautifully designed case the HTC One X Hardshell White Case with a prestigious purple outline that is designed to personalize and protect your HTC One X Smartphone. The HTC One X Hardshell easily snaps on to your the back of your HTC One X Smartphone meant to protect your smartphone damage from being dropped, dragged and dirtied whether through normal wear and tear or simple everyday use. The HTC One X Hardshell is designed with the utmost quality and quantitative care with a tough polycarbonate and of course being an HTC Smartphone product ensures precision cutouts for the various ports and features of the HTC One X so you don't have to remove the hardshell to use your HTC One X Smartphone.

    2)      Another very popular HTC One X case is the HTC One X/XL Duo Layer Covered Case which features a case that forms a fine fitting black silicone layer covers the back and sides of the phone to protect it from scratches and impact. Once again its made from a durable, tough polycarbonate material that includes a solid finish that allows ease of holding your HTC One X Smartphone. It also features a cut out and button molds that allows to easily access your HTC One X camera, ports, and other fancy HTC One X features.

    3)       The display of the HTC One X has been described as being “the best I’ve ever seen on a phone”, “struggling to find fault with it in any way”, “Most gorgeous display”, “outdoors the screen was both navigable and readable” and should be just as protected. The HTC Screen Protector One X Clear features reliable and reasonable screen protection from scratches, scrape and clean from dirt and dust.

    Accessorizing the HTC One X Smartphone

    4)      The HTC One Socket Splitters include devices such as the HTC One Power Car Charger Adapter which features a double socket 12-Volt adapter which allows two devices to be simultaneously charge while your driving, a LED light acts as an indicator for your HTC One X connection status and a built in fuse for overheating protection. The HTC One X Car Cigarette Socket Splinter includes three car sockets and a USB port which allows to charge more than two devices at a time. It also includes a built in fuse for overheating protection and another safety device for safely charging multiple devices.

    5)      Headphones for the HTC One X Smartphone is simply a smart idea that allows you to experience high definition and defined sound while on the move with the ultra light and flexible Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo Black HD On Ear Headphones. The  Dr. Dre Beats Solo Black HD On Ear Headphones feature a built in Mic for Hands-Free Calls and Online Chats, a Scratch Resistant Glossy Finish and of course advanced titanium coated driver technology that ensures the best quality and quantity these headphones can offer.

    6)      The Scosche BTKB Flexible Wireless BT Keyboard is an essential technological tool that combines wireless freedom and complete functionality for use by the HTC One X, the iPad, iPhone, Android or other Bluetooth Device. The Scosche BTKB Flexible Wireless BT Keyboard also features high quality silicone material repels dust and liquids and also up to more than thirty feet range for its wireless internet access.

    7)     The Runner Sports Bundle allows you carry your HTC One X Smartphone in your wallet, purse or pocket without fear of it falling out whether your on a run or out for a simple stroll. The Runner Sports Bundle allows you to turn up the volume on a your HTC One X Smartphone or headphones and dance to the beat with your feet or simply jam while you jog.

    8)      Did you know a unique accessory of the HTC One X Smartphone is the Stylus Pen? The Stylus Pen is a Multi Touch Stylus Pen that uses a safe rubberized tip to navigate your screen free from scrapes and scratches. It's incredibly lightweight and easy to use for playing games, texting on your keyboard, having a chatty conversation on your smartphone, simply browsing the internet or simply taking workplace notes.

    Accessorizing the HTC One X Smartphone

    9)      The iSkin ETNERD2 earTones colored in either Black and Red are single earpieces that are simply and exciting all at the same time. The iSkin ETNERD2 earTones allows you to control your music your music and calls from your earphones and even includes an answer/end phone call button.

    10)    The for the HTC One X Smartphone is built like a very nice wallet that can carry your HTC One X Smartphone in style and luxury. The Puregear CaseLuxe features a beautifully design built in belt clip and business card pocket and a secure velcro enclosure. The exterior of the case is designed with durable leather construction and the interior is luxuriously lined with microsuede. This beautiful leather case can fit Smartphones of any dimensions up to 5.0"L x 2.5"W x .625"D all the while offering a universal fit and universal protection.

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  • Ten Smartphone Applications to Help You Stay Green (and Possibly  Save Planet Earth)

    An article in Time Magazine quotes, “Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.” Another favorite song entitled One Earth  sings, “We all are share this planet, it's all that we have. And let  that never be forgotten for it's ours to share.” Living Green is often defined as living a sustainable or green lifestyle. A green lifestyle includes using Earth friendly cleaning products, eating organic foods such as fruits and vegetables, reducing your reducing emissions by walking, bike riding, carpooling or using public transportation. Other examples include minimizing your home energy usage, sending less household wastes to landfills and even purchasing products that have minimal packaging. Now with the help of your Android Smartphone or your iPhone 4S now have the ability to become a more environmentally contentious and concerned consumer.

    1)      The Good Guide is the ultimate in green living Smartphone Applications for consumers especially those consumers who want to be fully informed about the environmental repercussions of purchasing, consuming or entertaining products in their daily lives. The Good Guide Smartphone Application works by assigning everyday products such as food, produce, cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes and even electronics different scores that demonstrates its overall Earth Friendly Product Scores. The defined categories include Health, how good is the product for your health and the planet Earth, Environment, how the products impacts the world and the people around you and of course Society, namely the impact and societal impact especially in regards to its  environmental message.

    2)      The iRecycle Smartphone Application is meant to enable and empower consumers on how to be better and brighter recyclers within their homes and the world around them. This Smartphone Application informs you on several different methods and motivations on how to recycle such as how to sort resuable products, such as paper and plastic in easy and fun service announcements. iRecycle is affiliated with Earth911, an environmental publication that publishes environmental stories and articles that effect your everyday life. 

    Ten Smartphone Applications to Help You Stay Green (and Possibly  Save Planet Earth)

    3)      GreenMeter is another Smartphone application that unfortunately costs $5.99 to download but its a pretty amazing and useful application to own. GreenMeter is perfect for car owners seeking how to get the most mileage out of their vehicle all the while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. This Smartphone Application utilizes your Smartphone’s GPS and the built in accelerometer to calculate the speed and location of your car. It's an especially intriguing application when its paired with your vehicle gives you a very accurate assessment about your gas consumption and how it impacts your personal carbon footprint.

    4)      Carbon 3R-Sustainable Lifestyle is a Google Application that allows its users such as HTC One S, Sony Xperia Ion, etc..  to receive sustainable lifestyle tips about how we can positively impact our home, Earth. Carbon 3R-Sustainable Lifestyle also encourages its Smartphone users by providing further principles and practices to maintain long term sustainability and awareness at your workplace, home and within your community as well.

    5)      The Environmental Educator Application  is all about educating consumers and communities how to maintain a liveable and sustainable planet Earth. Some of its unique features include weekly topics, with daily segments being about a 30-40 second videos. The Environmental Quiz Applications allows your children to earn about sustainability through quizzes on on the environment, recycling, animals and more.

    6)      The Green Calculator Application allows its user to calculate you personal CO2 emission footprint based on your lifestyle choices especially from activities such as flying, driving and using daily household appliances and even daily usage of your household air conditioning system. The Green Calculator can also randomly calculate CO2 emissions for random daily activities such as an airplane flight from San Francisco to New York City. The Green Dictionary is another environmentally friendly Smartphone Application that provides hundreds and thousands of easy to comprehend and understand green and/or sustainability definitions and terms.

    7)      The Lightbulb Finder  Application on your  smartphone such as Nokia Lumia 900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, etc.. enables you to easily and efficiently switch for life draining light-bulbs to to more energy-efficient lighting in your home, its a perfect applications for the homeowner that is completely clueless in regards of how and where to purchase energy efficient light-bulbs. My Planet is another Earth friendly Smartphone Application that allows you to see how your simple, everyday choices  impact the environment and the world around you. My Planet Quizzes encourage you by helping you find out how clean and green your lifestyle really is by earning badges, getting helpful hints and even sharing your accomplishments on your Facebook Profile.

    8)      My Recycle List is an Android Smartphone Application that is easy to use and enables to find recycling locations in your community and the communities around you. My Recycle List includes recycling center addresses and contact information; get directions; so you can create your own personalized recycling center list. VZ Navigator is another Android Smartphone Application that allows you to know where you are, know where you're going and know what's going on the roads and streets around you all from the comfort of your Smartphone and without the expensiveness of a GPS System.

    9)      The EnergySaver Smartphone Application allows your Samsung Smartphone along with other brands to create a personalized profile of your household appliances based upon their brands, their size, their purpose and daily usage amounts. Then after your appliance profile is completed, you then must enter information in regards to your monthly electricity billing rates and then the EnergySaver Application will and the app will analyze your energy consumption and even suggest different ways to save energy and money on your monthly electric bills by reducing consumption and changing behaviors.

    10)  The LessEn Smartphone Applications is based upon the Urban Land Institute initiative to promote energy efficiency in buildings. The Urban Land Institute specifically designed this application to shows the energy ratings of buildings around you, including U.S. ENERGY STAR rated buildings. LessEn also demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of even your own apartment building and workplace building energy ratings. This Smartphone Application is free and can be readily downloaded on your Android or Apple Smartphone; however this application does require the instillation of Layar onto your Smartphone.

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  • The Best Smartphones of 2012
    Posted on August 13, 2012 by Pure Mobile

    Smartphones are readily defined as a “mobile device that that offers more advanced computing and connectivity than a contemporary other than just the basic features of talking and texting.” Some unique features of Smartphones include a different Operating Systems such as the Android OS vs a Windows OS, most Smartphones also include 4 inch displays or larger, Quad Core Processors have become standard features of most Smartphones, 32GB of storage and most even offers single carrier support.  Some other unique features of today's modern Smartphones also include near field communication, megapixel digital cameras and physical keyboards instead of the more common touch screen. Here's a Top Ten List of the most popular Smartphones for 2012:

    The Best Smartphones of 2012

    1)      The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the one of the most highly anticipated Smartphone for 2012. Samsung’s aggressive distribution strategy gives it a leg up against its chief Android rival, the HTC One X but it is still considered less of a rival to the newest Apple iPhone 4S. Some of its features includes a sharp 8-megapixel camera; 4G LTE or HSPA+ support; a zippy dual-core processor; and tons of internal memory and 2GB RAM. With its reasonable pricing of $199.99 it definitely has become a contentious contender in this 2012 Battle of the Smartphones.

    2)      The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx by Verizon Wireless retails for a mere $99.99 and a thin, attractive and durable design. The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx also features a 2GHz dual-core processor, and fast Verizon 4G/LTE data speeds, all the while retaining its unique and attentive Android Smartphone personality and design.

    3)      The Apple iPhone 4S is the greatest Apple Smartphone contender in the 2012 Battle of the Smartphones. However, its one of the rare Smartphones on this list that is certainly not an Android OS Smartphone. Some of its best features include a faster processor and an upgraded camera and all the greatest benefits of the Apple iOS 5 and we also can't forget to mention Siri, the iPhone news funtastic and fantastic vocal assistant.

    4)      The HTC One X is a certainly a one of a kind Android phone, that once again is currently on available in Europe for roughly the cost of roughly $199.99. The HTC One X features  a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 CPU (for the global version; the LTE version uses Qualcomm's S4 Krait processor), 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 4.7 inches of 720p Super LCD Touch Screen. The HTC One X is considered to be top of the line for  the Android Smartphone collection because of its full suite of specs.

    The Best Smartphones of 2012

    5)      The HTC One S is packing a lot of new gizmos and gadgets including a a dedicated Imaging Chip combined with a f/2.0 lens. The HTC One S also includes a Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 Krait dual-core processor, ticking away at 1.5GHz, while 1GB of memory accompanies 12GB of available storage and an even more recent addition HTC-Dropbox deal means you'll also net an extra 25GB of storage for two years once you log in to the cloud storage service. It also features a 540 x 960 qHD resolution with Super AMOLED, the screen is still a PenTile screen, a real beauty that stands alone.

    6)      The Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to be one of the most highly anticipated Smartphones to be released in 2012. Some of its unique Smartphone features include a huge software update from Mango allowing for faster processing and data upload/download speeds. Some other specifications include a 4.3-inch 480×800 pixel ClearBlack AMOLED display, 1.4Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8055 S2 SoC and even a 512MB RAM / 16GB internal storage with no other expandable storage available. The Nokia Lumia is expected to be one of AT&T's top selling smartphones for 2012 and is expected to sell for $99.9 with a three year AT&T Contract or is priced at $449.99 without a contract or subsidy. The Nokia Lumia 900 is equipped with the Windows Phone 7.5 and the 12082 firmware.

    7)      The  is another of the many popular Android Smartphones expected to be released or has already been released this year. The HTC Edge is expected to be the world's first Smartphone to feature the first Quad Core Processor, it is expected to also feature the same 720p resolution, 1GB of RAM, and backlit eight megapixel camera. The HTC Edge is also now feature a major improvement with its  P30 Tegra 3 CPU from Nvidia, which offers four 1.5GHz cores vs the typical two cores.

    8)      The Blackberry 10 is expected to features its trademark UNIX-based operating system from QNX that has run critical industrial infrastructure and telematic systems for the past several years and hopefully for many more years to come. The Blackberry 10 is also supposed to feature the Blackberry Keyboard 10 that will predict your next word and place them right above the letter it expects you type next.

    The Best Smartphones of 2012

    9)      The Samsung Flexible Display Smartphone is another highly unique and highly anticipated Smartphone of 2012. The Samsung Flexible Display takes the Science Fiction of Smartphones to a whole new level with its surprisingly creative and innovative design. The Samsung Flexible Display Smartphone is also expected to feature a flexible 4.5-inch displays this year, but exactly what the flexible phones of 2012 will be capable of doing remains very unclear and undetermined.

    10.)    The Android HTC Ville is expected to be the thinnest, slimmest Android phone from the manufacturer so far that has not had its specs skimped or scrapped upon. The HTC Ville is expcted to feature 4.3-inch display, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, and Android 4.0, all packed into an 8mm-thick body. If you're an Android Music Fan you won't be disappointed with the Beats Audio integration. Some other HTC Ville specifications include 4.3-inch qHD AMOLED display, 16GB of internal memory, and 1GB of RAM. This Android Smartphone is also expected to include the Qualcomm dual-core MSM8260 S3 processor clocked at 1.2GHz and the same the same 8-megapixel camera sensor found on the HTC One S. 

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  • Smartphones are becoming smarter as we have advanced technologically over the past ten years. Smartphones as well as their smartphone platforms usually all enable support touch-screens and/or keyboards, and let you browse the Internet; run applications view photos and play games/music/movies. In reality, while many of the Smartphone platforms may act the same on a fundamental level, not all Smartphone platforms are created equally. Here's some of the most popular Smartphone Platforms:

    Cross Platforms: The Difference in Smartphone Platforms

    The Apple OS was developed and distributed by Apple Corporation in 2007 for the iPhone and the iPad touch with adaptability to support other Apple Devices such as the iPad and Apple TV. In 2012 Apple iOS has a collection of more than 650,000 iOS applications, which have collectively been downloaded more than 30 billion times, according to Most users who use the Apple iOS have an average of forty eight usable applications at any given time. Whereas; Android users follow with 35, a number which is 27% lower. The Apple iOS platform which currently resides on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches has a combined platform reach of 37.9 million among all United States mobile devices including phones, tablets and other such connected media devices. The newest Apple iOS 6 is said to include Siri which can query for sports scores, dinner reservations with OpenTable, and movie times via RottenTomatoes. The Apple iOS 6 is expected to features a few new surprises. Apple is adding a new service called Passbook, which will let people store tickets, passes, gift cards, and other documents in digital form. However, some of the best new features of the iOS 6 include its new Facebook integration which will allow users will be able to fire off status updates, share photos, and share links directly from within other iOS applications.

    "iOS 6 continues the rapid pace of innovation that is helping Apple reinvent the phone and create the iPad category, delivering the best mobile experience available on any device," said Apple's iOS software chief, Scott Forstall. "We can’t wait for hundreds of millions of iOS users such as iPhone 4, iPad 3, etc to experience the incredible new features in iOS 6 including the new Maps app, expanded Siri support, deep Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams and the innovative new Passbook application.”

    Cross Platforms: The Difference in Smartphone Platforms

    While the Apple iOS is very popular among iPhone 4S, iTouch and iPad users it still has some very tough competition with the Android OS. The Android OS is considered to be a computer geek's greatest dream, tragedy and triumph. In layman's terms the Android OS is completely opened source meaning that any feature you want on your Smartphone can be achieved or received through or by the Android OS. Some other features of the Android OS including improvements to speed up processing, but the big news is it now supports Flash 10.1. Google has also added improvements to speed up processing, but the big news is it now supports Flash 10.1 and Google Voice Search adds a slew of features you can control by voice. So yes, I guess it’s true Smartphones are certainly smarter and so are the Smartphone platforms. 

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  • Police Catch Thief Using Smartphone Applications

    On June 16, 2012 a Bellueve, Washington woman was attending her son's Lacrosse match at Juanita High School in Kirkland when her 2004 Lexus was broken into via a shattered rear passenger door window. Thieves took her purse and other contents including her Apple iPad 2, which she advised the Kirkland Police Department was enabled with the “Find My iPhone” application that can be used to locate Apple devices.

    Using the “Find My iPhone” application technology, the officers were able to see that the victim’s iPad 2 was traveling south on I-405 and coordinated with SeaTac Police as the iPad entered into its jurisdiction. In the course of giving updates to SeaTac Police, a vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested when the victim’s iPad was found inside his vehicle. The suspect was booked into jail on charges of possessing stolen property and has an extensive criminal record of arrests and convictions for similar crimes.

    Apple Store thieves arrested after robbery:

    Apple Stores continue to be a target for theft around the United States this time in Scottsdale, AZ where a trio of young thieves busted in the glass doors on an Apple Store, and tried to get away with $75,000 worth of Apple devices. The group robbed the store at around 2 AM on the second day of 2012 and thanks to an alert cab driver and the Find My iPhone” applications the thieves were nabbed within hours of the Apple Store robbery. The robbers actually started firing guns on the taxi driver, who followed them anyway, and was able to make enough of an identification (along with security camera footage) that cops were able to arrest the three thieves. Thankfully, the Apple Store suffered no more damage than a few broken windows.

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  • Smart Shopping: Smartphones for Shopping

    Smartphones are common electronic device that incorporates multiple computing capabilities into the basic form of a cellular phone with basic capabilities beyond basic phone and text capabilities, Smartphones typically offer audio/video playback, personal organization applications, Internet access, and global positioning system. Smartphones such as iPhone 4S, Galaxy S3. HTC. etc are also now offering the capability for shopping too (for many women that is a very exciting concept). Currently more than 30% of consumers with smartphones said while at a store looking for a product, they scout out better deals on their device. Simply put more consumers are using their Smartphones for “smart” shopping, mobile shopping is tearing down the doors, walls and windows of traditional brick-and-mortar stores by giving consumers the ability to easily find a cheaper price in a store down the street. Some of the more common Smartphone applications being used include Google Shopper, RedLaser and TheFind, allow consumers to look up a product by scanning it or typing in the bar code by allowing a list of prices for the same item at nearby stores or through online retailers.

    A recent study conducted by Greystripe has discovered that mothers make up more than two thirds own an iPhone, Android or other type of Smartphone use them in the shopping process for locating stores, comparing prices, and learning about new products are all ways that phones can make their lives easier. Other studies show that 45% of mothers use their Smartphones to locate the nearest store, 36% of mother's use their phone for price comparison and 31% of mother's use their Smartphones for price comparison.

    Smart Shopping: Smartphones for Shopping

    “Smartphones have become the super tool for busy moms on the go,” said Dane Holewinski, director of marketing at Greystripe. “The majority of moms with Smartphones are using those devices for their day-to-day tasks especially shopping, making them the ideal target for advertisers.”

    With the widespread news that many consumers are using their Smartphones like BlackBerry, Apple, Samsung, etc.. for “smart shopping.” offers some opportunities to challenge retailers to meet the changing demands of smarter shoppers with smarter technology. Some suggestions include:

    1)      Begin by improving your multichannel shopping experience for your Smartphone shoppers by focusing on your services that adapt technology such as how can a service be integrated between Smartphones, laptops, tablets and traditional mailing services.

    2)      Remember it’s about pleasing your customers in order to lead to  better acceptance and build trust with customers, companies should limit pushing offer notification to the customers because too much notification is unnecessary.

    3)      Smartphones can be used to scan bar-codes and QR codes and companies could integrate this within their app to help customers make their shopping decisions.

    4)      Make the Smartphone users shopping experience relevant to your business because there are certain advantages that smart phone have and those advantages should be highlighted by every business whether brick-and-mortar or Internet expenditure.

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