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Moshi VersaCover for iPad
  • iPhone 6: New Features Revealed
    Posted on September 9, 2014 by Keith Holland

    Time to get excited!

    New features for iPhone 6& iPhone 6 Plus revealed:

    -Improved battery Life

    - 8mp scenery camera

    - Double slow motion speed

    - Health and Fitness app

    -WI-FI Calling

    - Apple Pay feature

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  • iPhone 6 PLUS just announced
    Posted on September 9, 2014 by Pure Mobile

    iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Revealed!

    Check out the newest images and specifications released at Apple's big launch:


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  • iPhone 6: Satisfy you Curiosity!
    Posted on August 27, 2014 by Pure Mobile

    The iPhone 6 is almost here! The new Apple device that is rumored to launch on September 9th has everyone excited and full of questions. Is your anticipation getting the best of you while during the wait?

    Let us share some insider secrets with you to make the wait just a bit more bearable. Here is what has been speculated:

    1) Larger Display

    One of the most eagerly awaited for upgrades for  iPhone users has been a larger display, especially with competing brands such as HTC and Samsung having already offered devices with larger displays for quite some time. The time has come, and the Apple will finally grant its users their wish with an upgrade from a 4 inch display to a 4.7 inch screen. It is even rumored that Apple will take this screen upgrade one step further, and create a phablet 5.5 inch version of the device.

    2) Greater Durability

    Apple will be the first phone company to create a front panel constructed completely from sapphire crystal instead of the gorilla glass material typically used for phones. This material will allow the iPhone 6 to offer a crystal clear display (literally) and higher quality color than any other phone on the market. Most interesting though, is the fact that the glass is pretty much indestructible, and basically scratch and shatter proof...don't believe us? Take a look for yourself!

    3) More Storage Space

    The iPhone 6 is rumored to have double the storage of its predecessor, the 5S, hence 128 GB of storage space available for all your music, photos and more.

    4) Improved Aesthetics

    Everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing phone right? Well iPhone 6 is rumored to deliver in this area, with an apparent thinner structure and a new array of finishes and colors to please every taste.

    Although there are a few areas of concern, such as how the battery capacity (which it appears will not be modified) will fare with this upgraded version of the phone, and the elevated costs that will likely occur from the sapphire screen usage, it does look like overall the iPhone 6 will definitely not disappoint!  It seems that Apple has created an extremely consumer oriented device that it will give in to its users' main demands over the years: larger displays and more durability.

    Excited? We definitely are, and because we've got accessories covered, we cannot wait to offer you a whole new string of unique and stylish accessories to make sure that your iPhone 6 is ready and right on trend! Let us leave you with one more suggestion, if you really want to stand out this fall, check out the new Uncommon brand which is soon to be launched by Puremobile.

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  • Big Specs For LG's All New G3
    Posted on July 7, 2014 by Keith Holland

    The LG G3 was recently announced and PureMobile is excited to share the hot new details on this super phone from LG. It has been sometime since we have seen a brand new phone from LG and in that time we have seen new entries from Samsung, HTC, and Apple that have raised the bar for smartphones.

    One of the main draws of this phone is its very beautiful 5.5 inch screen. Big enough to watch high fidelity videos, but small enough to not feel like a tablet. LG got this one right in the sweet spot. The biggest and most pleasant surprise though has to be the speakers. Compared to the grand champion of smartphone audio - HTC - the LG G3's speakers are nearly as powerful. Finally, there is more than one phone out there that values the auditory experience as much as the visual.

    My biggest complaint about smartphones is addressed by the LG G3. With a 3,000 mAh battery, LG takes endurance seriously, at least, more seriously than other phone makers do. Be ready to get at least a day and a half or more with this hulking beast.

    In terms of complaints, it's always the same with LG phones. The buttons built onto the back of the phone are annoying as ever and take some serious time to get used to if you are coming from an iPhone or an Android phone like the Nexus 5.

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  • IOS 8 Shakes Up Mobile World
    Posted on June 2, 2014 by Keith Holland

    Apple unveiled their latest mobile operating system today with the unveiling of IOS 8. The highly anticipated follow up to IOS 7, IOS 8 builds on the visual improvements seen with its predecessor and introduces a ton of interesting new features and improvements to standards like messaging and AirDrop among others. Here are our three favourite features of the new IOS, which will be available this Fall for devices such as the Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display and many more!


    First, the most popular app on the iPhone, iMessage! The most crucial update is the now integrated use of both iMessages and SMS messages. Now all your messages are available in a unified app. But that's not all. Cross-platform messaging and calling is now a reality with messages and calls being able to be placed using your iPhone, iPad, or iMac, making communication easy no matter which device is handy. Another iMessage improvement comes through the introduction of QuickType. Pretty simple, this keyboard learns your habits with specific recipients and helps predict words, dramatically cutting down typing time.

    Notification Center

    IOS 8's new and improved Notification Center now allows you to respond to alerts without moving way from the app you are working in. In addition, Apple finally has widgets, making the notification center much more useful as a hub of information from weather, traffic, and sports scores, all in one place.


    Not exactly a creative title, but Apple is finally getting into the health game with IOS 8. Not only can you record your bodies vital stats, but Apple has even partnered up with major hospitals in the United States to set up a monitoring system that if your vitals reach certain levels the hospital will be notified and will then be able to call you to discuss your health situation with you. It sounds crazy, but this could be a revolution in health if privacy is held up and enough hospitals adopt this tech.

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  • The World Cup is just around the corner and PureMobile is starting to get very excited for this world-class tournament to kick off. While many just want the games to get underway, there are lots who love to collect the best in World Cup merchandise and accessories. PureMobile knows this, and that's why we have already started bringing in awesome World Cup accessories in time for kick off. The most patriotic cases, for the best devices, from top brands like Tru Protection. Our tech club is ready to hit the pitch!

    Tru Protection

    Tru Protection's cases are straightforward. Nine of the best soccer playing nations in the world, emblazoned on a easily installable case for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S that provides solid protection from day-to-day threats. Here is what the popular Italian case looks like. Check out your favourite nation by clicking below!

    Tru Protection Italy











    Melkco is a brand new brand with PureMobile and we will be loading up on special World Cup accessories to celebrate. Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Apple iPhone 5/5S, and Apple iPad Air will be available very soon in anticipation of the World Cup and you can bet that it will be covered in the PureMobile Insider Blog.

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  • Holy cow. It's finally here. The first long weekend of the year worth celebrating is upon us. We at PureMobile can't wait to get out there and have some fun. But, with plans comes, well, planning. If you are going out on the road there are some accessories that can really help that situation. We have chosen some really great accessories from companies like Blue Ant, Incipio, MiPow, and XMI that should help you overcome any issue that could come up. Check these out before you head out after you clock out of work today!

    Blue Ant Q3 Bluetooth Headset

    BlueAnt's Q3 Premium BT Headset allows you to pair, configure, and control your device, as well as make and receive calls. Optimized for Apple and Samsung phones, the Q3 requires just your voice to answer and make calls. The Q3 features 7 hours of talk time, voice isolation technology, and an ergonomic design.

    Incipio Atlas

    The ATLAS ID™ Case delivers the most advanced technology to safeguard the iPhone 5/5S against water, shock, dirt and dust. Featuring a scratch-resistant tempered glass screen and fully functional fingerprint scan

    MiPow Power Tube 4000

    The Mipow Power Tube 4000 Lightning is a powerful, portable, and practical charger. The Power Tube supports the charging of two devices at one time and while optimized for use with Apple products, the Power Tube ships with a micro USB cable, making it a nearly universal charger for any mobile device. This purple charger comes in an aluminum case and is sure to keep your device going, even when there is no traditional power source available.

    XMI WE Speaker

    Experience big sound with enhanced portability from XMI's We Speaker. Pair it up with your Bluetooth device for wireless playback, or use the provided cable to bring the sweet sound of music to your ears. This speaker features a 1.5 watt speaker in a ultra compact, 48 gram speaker that clips easily and inconspicuously to belts, bags, and keychains.

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  • We are super, super excited to get our hands on this ladies and gentlemen. The TYPO Keyboard Case for the Apple iPhone 5/5S. While it has been involved in some legal trouble South of the border, the TYPO is now available in Canada through PureMobile and we have our review of this both infamous and famous accessory.

    First off, this accessory looks slick. Sliding on in two pieces around your iPhone, it serves a double purpose as this case turned out to be a lot more case than I expected. It isn't Otterbox or Ballistic, but you will definitely save yourself some scratches just by using this keyboard case.

    Now, the meat and potatoes, the keyboard itself. Built to resemble that keyboard design you are familiar with (hint: BlackBerry isn't too happy with these guys), it feels and responds very similarly to other QWERTY style keyboards on the market. It doesn't feel cheap and the materials make its use feel sleek. The fret located between key rows is pronounced, but not cumbersome, and typing is a breeze. No doubt, you can fly when you need to write up something quickly and with fewer errors.

    Now that namesake, that's where I find the best value in his device. I am a BackBerry to iPhone convert. I definitely miss the keyboard because I have large hands and typing on an iPhone screen is just difficult. Once I get going a misstep isn't far off. The TYPO solves that. I am at home slamming the keys with this case and it really takes me back to a time I could BBM at lightning speeds.

    The TYPO Keyboard Case is a lifesaver. It helps me save time while texting and enhances what I think is one of the weaker aspects of the Apple iPhone's design. While to some it seemed foolish, folks like Ryan Seacrest have not only endorsed this device, but invested in it and now that investment has paid off with the TYPO Keyboard Case.

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  • Tablets are just awesome. They have brought people to technology who never would have tried with their simplicity and ease of use. But, all is not perfect in tablet land. While iPads and Galaxy Tabs have their perks, they are not necessarily good work devices for those who have a lot of professional writing or note-taking to do. Thankfully, companies have found a way to bring the two together using Bluetooth technology and a little innovation. Keyboard cases are slowly popping up everywhere, and it's blurring the line further between tablet and home pc. Here are three reasons why keyboard cases are making tablets everywhere better and more useful devices.

    1. Getting things done faster

    Obviously, the biggest reason for grabbing a keyboard case is speed. While tablets are special in their own right, by poaching the most missed feature of a laptop or PC, keyboard cases give you a best of both worlds type scenario whenever you wake your tablet. In just seconds you can go from tablet browsing to heavy duty keyboard typing with ease. It's a no brainer.

    Best Typer: Incipio Steno Keyboard Case

    2. Making your tablet more versatile

    While keyboards are obviously helpful, they often come with other lesser known perks. Folios, cases, and extra protection are just some of the helpful additions a keyboard case can provide. Carry important documents along, hang onto receipts, even carry cash or cards with your tablet's keyboard case.

    Most Versatile: iLuv Folio Jacket

    3. Don't forget, style points!

    Some keyboard cases just look really cool. While just about everyone is toting around a tablet, not everyone has caught on to both the functionality and style of a keyboard case. The look when it is actually in use is sophisticated and fashion-forward, and makes your tablet truly stand out.

    Best Style: Kensington Keyfolio Exact

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  • The FlipBelt burst onto the scene last year with PureMobile. With a unique design, a strong focus, and a bevy of logical solutions for fitness fans everywhere, it has become a very popular product not just on our site, but in the broader fitness world.

    Built to be largely universal, the FlipBelt is essentially a pocket that wraps around your body. You simply put what you want to carry with you inside the belt and roll it up to hide and safely secure your items. It is usable with almost any phone, with the exception of larger phones like the Note 3, and also prevents moisture from seeping in by using quick-dry, wicking fabric.

    In addition to using the FlipBelt for your phone, the FlipBelt is also very useful for storing keys, jewellery, change, and other small items that you may need while out on your run. These items are stored with the same confidence as your phone and is always easy to access when the workout is done. FlipBelt also comes in a variety of colours.

    For a limited time, save 20% on all fitness accessories INCLUDING all available FlipBelt models. This deal, which requires the fitness2014 code at checkout, also applies to any product tagged within our dedicated fitness section. So stock up in time for the Spring and Summer, and get your hands on one of coolest accessories in the PureMobile store.

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