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Moshi VersaCover for iPad
  • XMI has upped their game with the launch of the XMI WE Bluetooth Speaker. To celebrate the release of this super cool speaker, we decided we'd take a trip down memory lane with XMI and take a look at their varied line of both wired and wireless speakers.

    XMI X-Mini II Capsule Speaker

    The original XMI Speaker. This collapsable speaker brought users big sound at a low cost and introduced us to XMI. Connected with a simple audio cable, these speakers could be chained together to give you even more volume and simulated stereo sound.

    XMI Uno Ceramic

    Coming in three expressive colours (Orange, Blue, and Silver), this XMI speaker used the unique and popular design of XMI's first speaker but enhanced the sound using new ceramic tweeters. These tweeters produce a wider frequency of sounds, meaning a wider range from high to low cutting through your mix. All in all, a big step up from the original X-Mini II.

    XMI Mini Max Duo

    The MAX offers a new standard in portable speakers with the introduction of the ceramic tweeter. The quality of sound produced from any speaker depends largely on the tweeter material and after months of research, trials, and prototype development, the engineering team at Xmi Pte Ltd found that ceramic was the most suitable material to bring the X-mini™ sound to the next level. The ceramic tweeter brings about several advantages. As compared to aluminum tweeters, the ceramic ones can produce a wider frequency range covering higher and lower sounds. As a result of that, the distortion of sound is also much reduced because the ceramic tweeter is able to withstand high and low frequencies without producing any cracks in the sound.

    XMI WE Bluetooth Speaker

    The latest and greatest speaker from XMI. Sound wise, the XMI WE packs a 1.5 Watt speaker into this small, 48 gram, body. While 1.5 Watts maybe doesn't inspire much faith, there is no way you are finding a speaker this size that is as loud and clear as the WE. Add in the fact that this speaker's bluetooth compatibility works flawlessly and you see why this is such an interesting product.

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  • Summer is on its way and that means time to get outside and enjoy sunshine, good times, and good friends. Everyone loves a good song, but often you find yourself in a place where you are away from a power source and your phone's speakers just won't cut it. That's why many companies are jumping into the portable speakers race. PureMobile has a mountain of portable speaker options, and even more on the way from companies like XMI, iHome, and more. Take a look at some of PureMobile's favourite speakers available right now online!

    XMI We Bluetooth Speaker

    Experience big sound with enhanced portability from XMI's We Speaker. Pair it up with your Bluetooth device for wireless playback, or use the provided cable to bring the sweet sound of music to your ears. This speaker features a 1.5 watt speaker in a ultra compact, 48 gram speaker that clips easily and inconspicuously to belts, bags, and keychains.

    G-Zed Mobile Capsule Speaker

    Bluetooth and mic integrated for wireless streaming and speakerphone functionality. Compatible with phones, tablets, computers, MP3 players. MicroSD reader built-in allows you to load music directly into the speaker BXS bass for ultra rich sound. Built in microphone.

    Antec Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Antec Mobile Products', or a.m.p.'s, Portable Bluetooth Speakers let you hear music the way it was meant to be. Unshackle yourself from the puny speakers built-in to your smartphone or tablet and embrace big sound. The a.m.p. SP1 allows you to use your speakers up to 30 feet away from your device of choice. The speakers convenient size means that the speakers are super portable, and the two colours (white and green) mean the speakers always look fresh. Additionally, with the touch of a button, you can switch from music to the phone function, meaning you can take calls using this superb speaker.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.0 Review
    Posted on April 15, 2014 by Keith Holland

    When Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear people got excited. Then they used it. Needless to say, Samsung is back for round two with a beefed up version of their first smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.0. This device packs quite a few hardware upgrades that quell a lot of the initial rage that was felt towards the original device. But is the user experience where it needs to be? Let's take a look!

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.0 utilizes the same display that was found in the original Gear. This 320x320 AMOLED display is lit up with a 1 GHz dual-core processor with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of built-in storage. One major improvement is in the battery life. The Gear 2.0 features a 300 mAh battery. This should enable the average user to get two or three days or normal use out of a single charge. If you are a light user you may get as much of six days of support out of a single charge. Regardless, this is a nice improvement. The Gear 2.0 also sees the return of the wrist-mounted camera. This 2-megapixel shooter is nothing to write home about, but it's still a unique feature that is worth mentioning.

    Some other features include waterproofing, something that was sorely missed with the original Gear, and dustproofing. Both these add to the durability of what was once seen as a vulnerable accessory. Many new apps are also on the way, including new ones from BMW, CNN, eBay. This should help beef up what was once viewed as a limited offering. Of course the old features, such as taking calls and receiving texts, are still present.

    Smartwatches are still in their infancy. While some appreciated the Gear, it feels like it was a baby step. While there is still distance to travel, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.0 is a step in the right direction for Samsung and the smartwatch itself.

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  • Samsung S-View Cover Review
    Posted on April 9, 2014 by Keith Holland

    The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launching very soon and PureMobile can't wait for this flagship phone to hit the shelves. While it comes with a bevy of features and specs that would make any prospective phone owner blush. While the ultimate accessory for the S5 is sure to be any of Samsung's new smartwatches, another one to keep an eye on the Samsung S-View Cover. This accessory is far more than just a cover and we are going to tell you why.

    The Samsung S-View Cover for the Samsung GS5

    The Samsung S-View Cover is a fully interactive cover that allows you to not only protect your device, but answer pressing alerts, handle alarms, and generally make using a phone a breeze without wasting your time. The S-View's viewing window allows you to view this information without opening the cover, making this very easy and fun.

    As for how it effects the look and feel of your phone, using this case is a no-loss situation. The case is great looking and comes in multiple colours. Size-wise, no fear. The case simply takes the place of your battery cover, making it one of the thinnest cases you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy S5. This case also comes from a line of well-loved cases, having been first pioneered with the very popular Samsung Galaxy S4 and its popular Clear Cover.

    Needless to say, The Samsung S-View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a slam dunk of a case. Its time-saving applications are proven, its look is uniquely stylish, and the fact it doesn't detract from your already beautiful phone is an obvious bonus. I can't recommend the Samsung S-View Cover enough, it is hands down the best case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Check out the Samsung S-View Cover out on PureMobile today!

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  • HTC Dot Matrix Review
    Posted on April 7, 2014 by Keith Holland

    HTC is ready to release the All New HTC One M8. While we are very excited to see the new phone and see it action, we are also very excited to get our hands on some of the innovative new accessories from HTC. One of the most striking accessories is the HTC Dot Matrix Flip Cover. This unique cover encapsulates the design-level of the HTC team, showing that they have their finger on the pulse of what makes things cool. Here is our review of the HTC Dot Matrix.

    The HTC Dot Matrix Flip Cover

    The HTC Dot Matrix features a very unique and, some would say, retro design. Using dots, like a Lite-Brite, this case displays information in a very crafty and original manor, showing you details like the time and weather. In addition to basic information, this case also shows you when you have certain alerts or alarms and allows you to respond to them without removing the cover.

    But, if you think this case rests on just being useful, you are wrong. In addition to the mentioned features, this case also protects both the front and back of your phone without adding excessive bulk or weight. The cover helps control dust, while the back cover protects from scratches on the well-designed aluminum chassis of the HTC One M8.

    All in all, this case is one of the cooler cases I have ever reviewed. It takes your basic Flip Cover and turns it into a retro-styled task manager and cuts down the amount of time you spend locking and unlocking your phone. In addition, this case is just super cool and does an excellent job of accompanying the already stunning design of the HTC One M8. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on this popular case and check it out on PureMobile in time for the HTC One M8's launch later this week.

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  • I recently made the jump. Yep. I finally got up the courage to make the switch to Android. While early returns are positive, there are some things that I'm sure I will always miss about Apple's IOS operating system. While I really liked the idea of actually shopping for a phone, as opposed to Apple's "shut up and buy this one" approach, sometimes a company does nail it and alternatives are just plain not necessary. That's what Apple diehards think because I mean, there can't be two perfect phones. While I don't think the Apple iPhone is perfect, it has some things truly down to a science. Here are the top five reasons I miss the IOS operating system.

    1. Cohesiveness

    Apple's IOS is like a rope. If you have ever seen a rope made you know that you take one braid, and wrap it around another. Rinse and repeat and you have eventually have rope. Apple's UI is precisely this. A core experience, wrapped with features that work in unity to create one universal being, Apple IOS.

    2. Quality

    Say what you want, but an Apple iPhone feels like a piece of art. It's design is second to none. It's construction is one of high quality. The materials are not cheap or plasticy. Not all phones are made the same, and that point is driven home by the Apple iPhone.

    3. The App Store

    While Android houses its own mega-mall of discount fun and functionality, the Apple App Store found within Apple's IOS is the Rolls-Royce dealer of Apps. It just feels like there is a higher level of quality control with Apple. While the openness and accessibility of the Play Store is admirable, it's nice not to have to steer my way through the mud of Google's shopping swamp.

    4. The Community

    If you're a Jeep owner, you already get this. You see a Jeep on the road and you acknowledge it. Apple users are very similar. It's a big club, but it's a club nonetheless. There are some features on IOS that specifically enhance this like AirDrop and iMessage. Apple users have an easier time talking and sharing with Apple users.

    5. It's An iPhone

    Face it, they are just plain cool. They embody the science fiction fantasies that made smartphones the stuff of dreams. The metal body, the small size, the finger print scanners, they are the things dreams were made of in the 70's when franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars permeated the creative minds of future geniuses and inventors.

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  • Ballistic is one of the newest brands being carried by PureMobile. Something like an Otterbox without the extreme bulk, Ballistic is a very protective case that often protects your smartphone or tablet with heavy-duty layers and very protective corners. While some are more protective than others, even your standard cases from Ballistic are a cut above your average polycarbonate, hard shell, or soft shell case. In this blog we will spotlight three specific models of Ballistic cases, the Tough Jacket, the Shell Gel, and The Urbanite and fill you in on what Ballistic can do for your smartphone and you.

    Ballistic Tough Jacket

    Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Neither is Tough Jacket™. It’s ready to handle whatever life throws your way. With reinforced corner protection and raised lips, we dare you to test this case with your All New HTC One. This is one of Ballistic's toughest cases and is highly protective.

    Ballistic Shell Gel

    Make sure you keep your new LG Nexus 5 looking great. Our Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series offers the best pocket-able protection for your LG Nexus 5. This case is engineered with three layers of the best protection on the market, including Ballistic Corners™ and a lay-on-table feature.

    Ballistic Urbanite

    The Urbanite Series for the Samsung Galaxy S5 provides the protection you’d expect from Ballistic without the bulk. Engineered with HexTec™ Six-Sided Drop Protection Technology, the Urbanite™ Series protects your device for your next jet-setting escapade without having to worry about your bulky phone.

    Ballistic makes some of the world's strongest, yet sleekest cases. Check out Ballistic today and make sure you check back at PureMobile as we continue to add more and more Ballistic cases to our webstore over the coming weeks and months. Check back with the PureMobile Insider Blog for the latest in tech and smartphone accessories.

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  • The LG G Flex is one freaky device. With its flexible screen and hulking size, there is nothing quite like it on the market. While many are mystified by the tech involved in building such a device, at PureMobile we faced similar questions. How do you build a hardshell, protective case for a phone that flexes? Well, the people behind your favourite accessories figured it out and we now have many cases in stock for these wacky smartphones. Here are some of our favourite cases for the LG G Flex.

    LG G Flex Quick Cover

    Access is quick and easy with the Quick Cover from LG for the LG G Flex. See alerts, calls and more with this covers built in viewing window and wake and sleep the device by just closing the cover. Also, watch as the cover adapts to the changing shape of the phone and protects the LG G Flex from dirt, dust and scratches.

    Incipio Feather

    The Incipio Feather® for the LG G Flex is an ultra-light weight hard shell, made of a durable and rigid polycarbonate material that changes shape to fit your LG G Flex. The crowd pleasing feather® is preferred for its slim, sleek, flexible and enticing look.

    Otterbox Defender Series

    The materials and construction of this multi-layer protective LG G Flex case will move freely with the device while still providing a cushioned, custom fit. Outer layer is made of strong synthetic rubber that holds its shape over time, and the solid polycarbonate shell completely surrounds the LG G Flex to protect the device from drops and damage. Custom rear key cut outs allow for full functionality of the device features for intuitive left- or right-handed use giving you the ultimate device experience. To enhance the case, we’ve included our belt-clip holster that allows for convenient face-in carrying for added protection during transport.

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  • The All New HTC One M8 was unveiled today and it is marvellous. While everyone is having a field day clamouring over specs, numbers, and benchmarks, we care about accessories, and we know whats coming from HTC this Spring in terms of hot accessories for their top new phone. With that, here is a look at top cases for the All New HTC One M8.

    HTC Dot Matrix

    Change how you see and interact with your phone without opening the case using this unique and new case for the All New HTC One M8. Respond to calls, alerts, and alarms, and see notifications without having to open this revolutionary new flip cover from HTC.

    HTC Flip Cover

    Get smart protection with this flip cover for the All New HTC One M8. Protect your screen with ease and answer calls and texts with just a flip of the cover. This cover sleeps and wakes your device and is made of premium and durable materials.

    HTC Double Dip

    Enjoy smart protection for the All New HTC One. Use the DoubleDip to double up on protection for your HTC smartphone. This case protects your phones back and edges and is stylish to boot. Includes two interchangeable covers so you can stay fashionable and fresh with your All New HTC One M8.

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  • I know what you're thinking, it's Friday and you want to have a good time. We at PureMobile feel the same way. While there are a lot of batteries and cables and cases, there are also some great accessories at PureMobile that will help you bring out your inner party animal. PureMobile has compiled a list of these items and wants to share the good vibes with you in time for the weekend. So punch out, and punch into your inner party animal with these party accessories from PureMobile.

    Incipio Atlas For Apple iPhone 5/5S

    The Incipio Atlas may look like an imposing piece of plastic, but it's a party saver. Storm the pool without fear of damaging your phone with this high strength waterproof case. Face it, accidents happen when you party, this phone prepares you for most of them. Just don't lose it...

    HTC Fetch

    So, you've lost your phone. The HTC Fetch is here to help you find it. Locate your phone with ease thanks to this Bluetooth enabled locator. Made by the same people who made the highly-acclaimed HTC One, the Fetch is a small, unobtrusive night saver. Which really comes in handy when you want to let loose and listen to some music.

    XMI WE Speaker

    Congrats, the city cut your power because you were partying too hard. No fear thanks to the XMI WE Speaker. This portable speaker has enough juice to keep the party going through the night. Amd if you think you're tethered at the hip to a stereo, think again. The WE is Bluetooth compatible so you can gather around a screen and watch all your videos of your friends party antics.

    Moshi Mini Display to HDMI Adapter

    Now someone has gone and embarrassed you with that awkward photo on their phone. Get back at them with this HDMI adapter from Moshi. Plug in, and get your revenge in stunning HD quality thanks to this pure connection straight to your big screen!

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